What’s the Best Touchscreen Monitor for Your RED KOMODO

RED created the KOMODO as their first ready-to-shoot camera. It’s tiny and yet has features similar to their bigger cameras you needed to build up with tons of expensive cameras. Still, it can use some accessories to make the most of it. The small, square screen on the top is not a perfect option for shooting, so adding a more traditional monitor is a worthwhile option.

If you are looking at the KOMODO and want to check out some of the available options, filmmaker Justin Phillip has gone for the PORTKEYS BM5 III WR and dives into how it might just be the best touchscreen monitor for this setup.

Huge for this version of the BM5 monitor are that you can control many settings on the KOMODO via the touchscreen—you don’t even need more cables. It connects via Wi-Fi direct. No cables is always nice for a camera rig since they can quickly start getting in the way. Just make sure the Wi-Fi SSID starts with the word KOMODO and uses 2.4GHz in the ad hoc mode.

You can change a fair amount, including shutter angle, shutter speed, white balance, and more. Plus, if you have an electronic lens attached you can do things like change the aperture and select the autofocus points. All this done via Wi-Fi and relying on an SDI connection for the video feed.

Another feature is that there is another control point that you can use to connect to follow focuses if you aren’t using an electronic lens. It’s a nice touch for different setups.

Image Credit: Portkeys

Tweaking the menu and your go-to tools is easily done as well. Have all your most used tools right at the front to make shooting much faster and easier. There is also a selection of physical function keys for quick actions.

One very useful feature is to have the ability to save an image and then use that image for an overlay. This allows you to line up different shots using an imprint of the previous shot. It’s an amazingly useful and rare feature. The BM5 WR actually has internal memory for up to 16 images to support this.

Other overlays you might want are timecode, which can be shown. Also, there has been an update to include ARRI’s false color or you can just create your own. This model brings a ton of other tweaks to various algorithms on most of the assists to make them better where they can.

Image Credit: RED

As for specs, it is a bright 2200 nit screen and the aluminum alloy body feels durable. It’s a great monitoring display for on- location use. There are even some controls for tuning the display to be more accurate.

Anamorphic is available as well for those that need it with tons of options for nearly any anamorphic squeeze. Interestingly, there is no HDMI out. There is an SDI in/out, but HDMI only has an input.

After-purchase support is available in the form of firmware updates via a convenient USB port. 

Even if you don’t have a KOMODO you might want to look into this monitor. There are control options for a variety of different camera options.

It’s looking like a great monitoring option in general and if you don’t need recording as well it’ll do a great job for a very reasonable price.

[source: Justin Phillip]

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