How to Shoot Anamorphic Video with the GoPro HERO9

Even though it is classified as an action cam, the GoPro HERO9 is an outstanding vlogging camera. Tiny, tough, quality, GoPro is underrated outside of action sports or dangerous locations. If you are looking to get it a tad bit more “cinematic” you may want to go for the anamorphic look.

Suzi from the traveling duo that is Gemini Connect is showing off a nice little accessory that will allow you to capture anamorphic footage on a GoPro. Available from Skyreat, this little lens attachment can change how you think about a GoPro as a cinema camera capable of being more than just a crash cam.

Picking up the lens you get a nice travel case, and the actual lens looks similar to GoPro’s own lens mod. It attached the same way as GoPro’s own lens attachments. Pop off the filter and just attach the anamorphic lens. It’ll even work in the Media Mod for GoPro.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, using this instead of the default filter will mean your GoPro is no longer waterproof. Be careful if you plan on using the anamorphic lens and be sure you are not planning on taking it for a swim.

Recommendations are to use 4K, but one interesting note is that shooting in higher frame rates – even just 30p – gives you room to slow things down resulting in slightly smoother and more stable motion. Obviously, keep bitrate high and make use of image stabilization as you need for your shot. And then use a Flat profile for maximum color grading potential.

Image Credit: GoPro

Ultra-smooth footage will require the use of a gimbal, and the Moza Mini-P is one of the best. It’ll help maximize quality since the most aggressive internal stabilization modes will crop into the image a fair amount. Stable footage is good footage.

Finally, if you are using anamorphic you will want to set your GoPro’s “lens” to linear. The ultra-wide fisheye look doesn’t really work with the anamorphic image. Plus, you might actually see the edges of the lens with wider options.

Once you capture the footage you will need to account for post-production. You need to use a somewhat capable NLE or video editing program to de-squeeze the footage to make it look right and get that full anamorphic ultra-wide image.

It’s a cool little accessory for GoPro if you want a compact camera setup for your kit that still can capture the anamorphic look.

[source: Gemini Connect]

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