MotoCrane Introduces RADICAL and HYPER Remote Arms

MotoCrane has just introduced two new flagship remote arms for professional filmmakers – RADICAL and HYPER. MotoCrane RADICAL is billed as the fastest, most portable, and most accessible universal remote arm ever.

Featuring 12ft of reach and available 45lbs payload capacity, RADICAL produces enough torque to swing camera packages 360° in less than 6 seconds at vehicle speeds over 90mph/145kmh. For off-road applications, available INS 2 Advanced Stabilization adds active gyro stabilization to the arm for maintaining lens height on rough terrain.

As an available option for RADICAL, and standard equipment on HYPER, INS 2 Advanced Stabilization delivers rock solid arm stabilization for maintaining lens elevation even in the most challenging conditions.

The INS 2 Sensor Module mounted to the front boom features a fully calibrated and temperature compensated triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope to achieve the optimum combination of measurement qualities under all dynamic conditions.

By utilizing the MotoCrane SSG Kit, one can transform any car, truck, SUV, boat, or UTV into a powerful film production tool. With the portability of RADICAL, filmmakers can fly into remote locations and convert a rental vehicle into a capable arm car anywhere in the world.

Image Credit: MotoCrane

MotoCrane HYPER, on the other hand, is designed for carrying the largest camera packages in the world at blistering speeds. Featuring a 14ft arm (configurable up to 20ft), and 120lbs/55kg payload capacity, HYPER produces over 4000ft-lbs of peak torque on the Swing axis, to easily flick camera packages 360° in less than 5.5 seconds, at over 100mph/160kmh.

An internally reinforced turret structure comprised of nearly 100% aluminum results in low weight and high structural rigidity. The arm design takes advantage of tall z-axis bracing for increased stiffness. Opposing braided steel turnbuckles provide lateral stiffness for reducing flex during heavy acceleration, cornering, and braking.

Both Lift and Swing axes are outfitted with large brushless motors for responsive control, and blazing fast arm speeds. The Swing axis generates 4000 ft-lbs of torque, and completes a 360° revolution in less than 5.5 seconds.

Image Credit: MotoCrane

Power dense and feature-packed, the HYPER counterweight makes use of unused mass, resulting in lower all-up weight and simpler operation of the system. Most notably, the HYPER counterweight houses dual 48v 22ah power banks. While 1 bank actively powers the arm, the other bank is charged via the Powerlink from within the vehicle.

The HYPER Powerlink is a low-profile connection hub for accessory power, accessory coms, and the arm controller. Connect AC power via the vehicles cigarette lighter, and the Powerlink will also charge HYPER’s inactive battery bank for continuous non-stop arm operation.

The system is capable of 360° unlimited swing rotation, while passing up to 50 amps of accessory power (5-60VDC), and up to 6 channels of accessory comms from inside the vehicle. The 3G-SDI slipring also makes it simple to pass video signal through HYPER for wiring monitors within the vehicle.

Image Credit: MotoCrane

MotoCrane RADICAL uses next generation of controllers featuring the most robust and fully featured user interface for remote arms ever conceived. Users can choose between two new COMMAND Console options (LITE and PRO), both featuring an all-new full-color touchscreen user interface for controlling, configuring, and monitoring every aspect of RADICAL.

Designed 100% in-house at MotoCrane, and machined from a single billet of 6061 aluminum, both controllers are optimized for intuitive and effective arm operation. To learn more about MotoCrane’s latest offerings, head over to the company’s website.

[source: MotoCrane]

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