Mirfak Audio Launches TU10 – a Stunning Microphone for Content Creators

Gudsen-backed microphone solution maker Mirfak Audio has unveiled an easy-to-use, clear-sounding USB desktop microphone with dynamic lighting effects for streamers, gamers, content creators, and those pursuing superb detail and pristine sound quality.

The Mirfak TU10 makes a great addition to any RGB-lit setup. With its robust cyberpunk design, all-metal construction, and heavy-duty matte finish, the TU10 quickly catches your eye at first sight. Featuring dynamic RGB lighting and a rainbow of alternating colors, the TU10 adds a gamut of colors to your gaming setup.

Image Credit: Gudsen

Pairing perfectly with your other creative accessories, the TU10 will quickly immerse you into an incredible and exciting atmosphere, bringing you the ultimate gaming experience.

The TU10 is attractive in both its appearance and performance. The proprietary Penta-capsule technology enables you to create pristine, studio-quality recordings. With a frequency response of 50Hz-20Hz and a bit rate of 96Khz/24bit, the TU10 is ideal
for live education, conference calls, live stream gaming, podcasting, vocal recording, etc.

There are four selectable pickup patterns, making the mic multi-purpose for a variety of needs. Just tap the touch switch, and the TU10 shifts between cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo microphone patterns. Whether you are streaming on Twitch, delivering high-quality audio over Discord, taking a conference call, or a lecture in Zoom, the TU10 will ensure you are transmitting in full definition.

Image Credit: Gudsen

Not only does the TU10 have stunning RGB lighting and superb sound quality, but it also embodies a few additional features worth noting. The TU10 features intelligent controls, a built-in pop filter, a high-quality 3.5mm headphone jack, plus a class-compliant USB output.

All these features combined in the TU10 make it effortless to create incredible recordings. The TU10 is plug-and-play and is ready to use right out of the box, and it works seamlessly with computers and mainstream devices. Plug the TU10 into a compatible device and get started anytime.

Depending on the sound source, you can select the optimal pickup pattern by tapping on the touch switch to ensure no noise or vibration interference while recording.

With the TU10, you will never have to be concerned about noise. The built-in pop filter minimizes plosive sounds, thus ensuring crisp and clear recordings without noticeable sibilance. Also, it is worth mentioning the TU10 features a handy one-click mute knob, which effectively helps avoid audio accidents.

Image Credit: Gudsen

One-click to mute is helpful when covering up sneezes and cough during live streaming, studio recording, and conference calls. The RGB lighting, serving as an indicator, turns red when the mic is muted but will alternate colors when the mic is active.

It is also easy to monitor the audio recording thanks to precision controls and a high-quality 3.5mm headphone jack. You’ll be able to tune your voice with the volume and gain knobs and achieve zero-latency monitoring in real-time.

By delivering crystal-clear sound, the TU10 is an excellent choice for streamers, gamers, content creators, and those pursuing superb detail and pristine sound quality. Right now, the TU10 is available for $189. Check out the link ahead to get more info here.

[source: Gudsen]

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