10 Must-Have Accessories for Your DJI Air 2S

DJI’s Air 2S Drone is an incredibly compelling option for aerial video and photo. It has a great combination of features and price, especially if the stunning new Mavic 3 is out of your budget. With that 1” sensor, 10-bit video, and plenty of other features that just keep getting better with each generation you can capture some incredible video.

You could also make that video either a tad better or simply improve your quality of life with some accessories. If you want to see what tools might be best to add to your kit, the Air Photography channel has put together a list of 10 must-have accessories for the Air 2S.

1. Landing Pad

Something I’m sure most people don’t bother with is a landing pad for their drones. Having taken off and landed on some tricky locations myself there are moments when I wish I had a pad to make life a bit easier. Considering they can be found easily and are small enough to stuff in any bag it really is something you should have on hand.

2. Strobe Light

If you are flying at night, most countries’ laws will require that you have a strobe light. Picking up a small strobe is a mandatory purchase if you intend to do that. Even in dimmer lighting it might help you more easily follow it with your eyes as you fly and that will make the flight safer.

Lume Cube makes the STROBE, but if you are looking for something a little cheaper than you should look at this one by Ulanzi.

3. Hard Shell Case

Keep your investment protected when you are traveling or simply not using your Air 2S with the DJI Protector Case. Sure, a hard case is a little less convenient than a backpack or other soft case, but the stronger protection is valuable, especially the waterproofing. DJI’s case is also custom designed and holds the drone and accessories perfectly.

Image Credit: DJI

4. Tablet Mount

DJI’s controllers are designed for smartphones first. However, if you want to use a tablet for the larger screen size you’ll need to pick up a dedicated mount. DJI’s Remote Control Tablet Holder is one of the better options as it has a strong design and places the tablet more centered on the controller for better balance.

An alternate option if your tablet doesn’t fit still (like the new iPad Mini) is a dedicated extender. It uses the current smartphone mount and adds another point of contact that will give it the reach. A good, different option if that’s what you need or prefer.

5. Electronic Hand Warmer

Cold is the enemy of batteries. In chillier temps you may notice that you are getting drastically reduced flight times out of your batteries. It can be a problem and ruin a few takes or your whole day’s plan. An electronic hand warmer in your bag or case can help with the problem and keep your batteries ready to fly. And, you can also use it for your hands!

6. Propeller Guards

If you are new at flying it is highly recommended to use the propeller guards. DJI makes some that are good and easily snap on. It gives a little bit of extra protection to help prevent some crashes from small bumps.

Image Credit: DJI

7. Lanyard Kit for Controller

Sometimes you need an extra hand, and if you are holding the controller that can be a problem. There’s an easy solution: a lanyard kit. These snap onto the controller to add attachment points and then you just hook up the lanyard. Hang it around your neck and you can always put the controller down without having to find a safe place for it.

8. Lens Cleaning Pen

A smaller item to have is a lens cleaning pen. Usually these have two ends, one with a brush and one with a small felt pad. You can use this to easily keep your filters and lens clean.

9. Storage Pouch

If you aren’t going the hard case route, you might want to pick up a smaller storage pouch to protect your drone from bumps in whatever bag you end up using. FlytPath makes some specific options to hold the drone and controller in their own pouches.

10. Backup Drives

As you’ll likely be out and about when you are shooting, a portable drive to immediately back up your footage can come in handy. WD makes the My Passport Wireless series (both HDD and SSD versions) which offers a few benefits. They both have SD card slots for quickly offloading your media. Plus, they are battery powered and has USB ports for charging some devices too.

Then, the wireless connection lets you work with a smartphone app to check and review your backups. It’s a great solution for working in the field.

Image Credit: WD

Do you have any of your own must-have accessories for drone work?

[source: Air Photography]

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