Check Out the Best Video Rig for iPhone 13 Pro

One of the most popular cameras today is actually the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s a surprisingly good piece of kit that more people should be making use of for everyday shooting. You can even take things up a notch by kitting it out with a rig to add on all the little accessories you need to take complete control over your image. 

If you are looking to improve your smartphone videos or turn your iPhone into something of a cinema camera then you should check out this video from Sidney Diongzon. He discusses what he thinks is the best filmmaking rig for the current-gen iPhone.

You may have heard of this system before – the PolarPro LiteChaser Pro. It is a system specifically for converting a smartphone into a highly capable filmmaking kit. And, it is designed specifically for the latest iPhones, the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. There are older options for the 11 and 12 series.

You will need the case to get everything set up and this case is solid. Sidney calls it an exceptionally tough and durable case. It also supports MagSafe for accessories and charging. 

The case then lets you attach various other accessories. There is a handgrip that’ll make it feel more like a traditional camera and a wireless Bluetooth shutter release that you can use to start and stop recordings.

Image Credit: PolarPro

You can add on different lenses to get different looks out of your phone, though in this video there is some focus on the new filters. A lot of filters can help get your iPhone looking more like what you would get out of a traditional cinema camera.

For example, a mist filter will provide a touch of softness to your image while a variable ND will help get the proper motion blur and exposure.

Some interesting filters are the anamorphic filters. These are designed to give you the same type of elongated flares that anamorphic lenses create.

PolarPro has made gold and blue versions so you can pick you exact look. You can even twist the filter to get the lines running the way you want. One thing to avoid is the ultra wide camera on the iPhone as it creates some gaps in your flares.

The last filter is the circular polarizer. This is a classic option and very nice to have as you can use it to get the deep blue sky or to cut reflections on glass.

If you want the most lightweight and convenient kit for everyday shooting or a vlog it is hard to beat an elevated smartphone rig. PolarPro seems to have put a lot of thought and energy into developing the LiteChaser Pro rig for iPhone and it might be worthwhile for you.

What do you think about the LiteChaser Pro?

[source: Sidney Diongzon]

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