Tascam Expands Wireless Portacapture X8 Support with Atomos Connect

Tascam has announced that with a new update and an optional dongle, their Portacapture X8 audio recorder will be able to wirelessly sync thru Atomos Connect, and automatically keep audio and video synchronized via timecode. The update also works through the Atomos Shogun Connect, as well.

The Portacapture X8 is Tascam’s eight-track external recorder, which can now harness Bluetooth to match audio and video signals wirelessly, before transmitting a master file through the Atomos Connect device.

Image Credit: TASCAM

The secret to matching both files is the ATOMOS UltraSync Blue device, which can wirelessly synchronize both the camera and the PortaCapture X8 thanks to ATOMOS AirGlue connectivity.

The sync can match as many as six devices in concert from up to 30 feet away, and works with a variety of cameras, including smaller, mobile platforms.

Adding the Atomos Ultrasync One adapter, the wireless setup can also incorporate a master timecode device to direct all timecode with a single master feed, which can then be seeded to more sophisticated camera rigs and devices.

Image Credit: TASCAM

“We’re delighted that TASCAM has integrated ATOMOS AirGlu Bluetooth timecode synchronization into the Portacapture X8 audio recorder,” says Paul Scurrell, SVP Product, ATOMOS. “This means ATOMOS and TASCAM products can be wirelessly paired and timecode locked together.

This greatly simplifies the nature of separate audio and multi-camera production, transforming what has been a rarefied workflow into one that can be easily accessed by filmmakers everywhere.”

To facilitate the new wireless connection, the Tascam mobile app has been updated. Other commercial apps such as Apogee Metarecorder, Mavis Pro Camera, and MovieSlate 8 Logging, will also support the inclusion of the Portacapture X8.

Image Credit – TASCAM

To update the Portacapture X8 and open up this new sync function, users are directed to the Tascam website and download firmware version 1.20.

Users will also need to update their Atomos Connect devices, as well as the Tascam app, or whatever third-party audio app they traditionally employ.

[source: Tascam]

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