Aputure Releases Accessories for Nova P600c LED Light

Aputure is launching a series of new lighting accessories for their Nova P600C LED Panel Light, and there’s plenty for all budgets. The seven new accessories for the Nova P600C are broken down into three categories – light modifiers, lighting support, and a rain shield.

The accessories include barn doors, softbox, space light, 45° metal grid, dual head yoke, pole-operated yoke, and rain shield. The barn doors are made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum and come with fabric light leak covers to prevent light from leaking out where it doesn’t belong.

The Nova P600c is the first Aputure fixture to feature multiple light engines and pixel control. Its multiple light engines can be activated when using the built-in lighting effects or can be controlled independently via DMX.

Image Credit – Aputure

The barn doors are made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum and come with fabric light leak covers to prevent light from leaking out where it doesn’t belong.

Image Credit – Apurture

The first light modifier coming for the P600C includes a collapsible softbox that offers a light control grid and can be attached to the P600C with hook-n-loop straps.

The grid has a diffusion layer and a highly reflective inner lighting to bounce the light where you want it.

Image Credit – Apurture

The 360° cylindrical space light attachment. The Space Light has an omnidirectional soft light diffuser for the RGBWW P600C LED Panel, which allows the panel to spread light 360° over a wider area, reducing-edge shadows, and creating soft light environments.

It also features an adjustable light control skirt that is slightly reflective, and in combination with the black outer layer, it completely eliminates spill light.

Image Credit – Apurture

Finally, there’s the 45° metal grid light modifier attachment. This grid slides directly into the accessory slots to narrow down the spread of light and eliminate spill.

Image Credit – Apurture

Next on the list are rigging yokes including a Dual Head Yoke and pole-operated yoke.

The Dual Head Yoke is designed to house dual P600Cs in a stacked configuration and can be tilt-adjusted independently up to 360°.

Image Credit – Apurture

Meanwhile, the pole-operated yoke is designed to hang down from a lighting grid, and house a single P600c, but enjoys the same degree of adjustment as the dual head yoke, but in both pan and tilt axes.

Image Credit – Apurture

The last accessory from Aputure is a nylon rain shield attached to a metal exoskeleton that slides over the P600C in seconds.

The shield is highly waterproof and can repel rain in the stormiest of conditions.

Image Credit – Aputure

The accessories range from $69-349, making them affordable for even the modest of budgets looking to expand the performance of their Nova light panels.

The light modifiers are expected to ship in late Q2/early Q3, while the yoke attachments are available now.

[source: Aputure]

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  • Aputure Barndoors for Nova P600c LED Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure Softbox for Nova P600c LED Panel 24 x 36″ (B&H)
  • Aputure Space Light Diffuser for Nova P600c LED Panel 33” (B&H)
  • Aputure 45° Metal Grid for Nova P600c LED Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure Dual Head Yoke for Nova P600c LED Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure Pole Operated Yoke for Nova P600c LED Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure Rain Shield for Nova P600c LED Panel (B&H)

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