Sony’s New Compact Shotgun Mic Offers Three Different Recording Options

Sony has announced a new compact shotgun microphone that enables content creators to customize the recording options while shooting video, to focus audio on what the content creator wants to capture.

Though it looks like the shotgun mic was left off the design, the Sony ECM-B10 has a unique top-mounted four-microphone array that can capture super-directional, uni-directional, and omnidirectional modes, through the use of Sony’s beam forming technology.

The ECM-B10 can also be set to a host of other options including adjustment of gain to a maximum of 20db or engaging the mics low pass filter. Sony also claims that the white background noise of a signal has been effectively suppressed thanks to an onboard signal processor which can eliminate that annoying hiss in complete silence while maintaining a lossless digital pattern.

Image Credit – SONY

But the real benefit is when shooting an interview or two-way conversation, where the mic can be set to uni-directional or omnidirectional to capture the interviewer’s comments off-camera while remaining focused on the subject. Super-Directional will suppress the ambient sound around the subject while widening the spectrum directly in front of the camera.

This enables the microphone to concentrate on the subject itself with minimum ambient audio interference. Omnidirectional, by contrast, is ideal for capturing the sounds emanating from a natural setting like a forest, to provide a more immersive audio experience.

Furthermore, the microphone is completely wireless, routing the digital signal through a support Sony camera’s digital Multi-Interface Hot Shoe, and eliminates any additional noise coming from mic cables or camera movement.

The camera can also work through an analog connection, with an option in the back to set it manually for that purpose, though Sony warns that doing so will cause some signal degradation.

Image Credit – SONY

Lastly, the microphone employs internal shock and vibration suppression in the design to keep low-frequency vibration noise to a minimum without compromising the compact and overall lightweight appearance, making it look rather futuristic sitting on the camera.

The Sony ECM-B10 has a retail price of $250 and it will ship in August of 2022.

[source: Sony]

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