Micron Rolls Out a Massive 1.5TB microSD Card

Micron has announced a remarkably huge 1.5TB microSD card that can store up to four months of video without having to upload video to a server every night to make room or wear it down prematurely with constant overwriting.

The i400 microSD card is designed for use in industrial video security systems, and is ideal for security cameras in remote areas where bandwidth may be at a premium and changing out the cards are less frequent.

Image Credit: Micron

The i400 has been designed to be extremely robust as well, with the ability to record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for up to five years without being replaced. The i400 is rated at saving up to two million hours of footage before failure. That’s a lot of videos.

The card is designed with the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND, which is pioneered by Micron and is ideal for use in applications such as fleet dash cameras, smart home security, police body cameras, and AI-enabled cameras which require the handling of media-rich data.

Moreover, the i400 can handle concurrent 4K video streams and up to eight artificial intelligence events per second, like facial recognition, motion tracking, etc. It is rated as a U3 SDXC 1 Class 10 A2 microSD card, making the card capable of handling 4k video and lower bitrate transmission.

Micron has been showing the new card to potential industrial customers like Verkada, a cloud-managed enterprise security company. The company uses cameras with artificial intelligence to track and identify security targets.

“Micron’s industrial-grade storage is key to helping us protect our customers and communities, from schools to large enterprises, by meeting the most demanding video retention and security requirements,” said Raj Misra, vice president of hardware engineering at Verkada.

“The latest i400 solution will provide further peace of mind by enabling greater video storage at the edge and faster in-camera AI analytics — important in crises where response time is paramount.”

There’s no word on when the card will hit the market, or for what price, and since it’s targeted at an industrial clientele, it’s not likely to be available widely.

But there’s a good chance that the underlying technology will make its way into more creatively centered media products as the resolution gets higher and higher.

[source: Micron]

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