ARRI Updates Lighting OS to Sync with Cameras

ARRI is using smarter, computer-controlled lighting to give filmmakers even more capabilities. And with the issuing of an update to the ARRI Lighting OS (LiOS2), this capability will enable Skypanel and Orbiter lights to sync directly to a supporting camera, in order to give the camera operator incredible control.

The new “Sync Mode,” which takes advantage of integrated circuitry in ARRI Cameras, enables the camera to control lights down to the frame-by-frame level, giving the camera operator the ability to create unprecedented exposure consistency.

Image Credit – ARRI

When camera operators are doing unique techniques such as “Speed ramping,” where they adjust the shutter speed or aperture setting while the camera is running, sync mode enables the camera to adjust the lights automatically.

In the past, the camera operator would have to control the amount of light with either a computer array such as a DMX board or by adding neutral density filters.

However, the new Sync Mode eliminates the middle man and lets the camera determine the amount of light frame by frame, keeping it serendipitously consistent. This is something that is sure to make grading a lot smoother in the post-production process.

Image Credit – ARRI

The ARRI LiOS2 Sync Mode also enables the camera operator to fine-tune the adjustments remotely through the use of the ARRI lighting control app.

ARRI has further underscored this remote capability by adding a “Cue mode,” as well, which gives the lighting director or other crew members the ability to make changes remotely.

The third new feature is an Optics Auto Adjust Mode which offers 100% color stability with any optics and any focus.

Lighting directors and gaffers can add any accessory through the ARRI Quick Lighting Mount, and the light can then adjust to maintain color stability based on whether it’s a soft box, a dome, or even a reflector or Fresnel lens.

On the Orbiter, the LiOS2 can keep color rendition consistent across the entire Fresnel zoom range.

Image Credit – ARRI

Lastly, the LiOS2 update includes new languages, additional preinstalled gel filters, and network enhancements to make the connection smoother and more reliable.

The ARRI Lighting LiOS2 update for SkyPanel and Orbiter lights is available for download at

[source: ARRI]

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