DZOFilm Reveals Gnosis Cine Prime Macro Lenses

DZOFilm has revealed a new trio of macro cine prime lenses. Known as the Gnosis VV Macro lens line, it consists of 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm focal lengths.

Designed to bring a cinematic look to the close-up world of super small macro images, the Gnosis line is capable of reproducing life-sized images at 1:1/ 1.33:1/ 1.5:1 ratios at a distance as close as 6.6 inches (167mm).

This close-up capability enables filmmakers to capture a minute of detail of the subject around it, with sharp clarity that DZOFilm says runs from the center out to the edge.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Though DZOFilm doesn’t go into specifics, the 32mm wide angle has more lens elements which provide more creative options when shooting in a wider focal length.

Meanwhile, the 65mm promises a comfortable and natural image at standard distances, while the 90mm has a natural and soft bokeh.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

The lenses are also constructed with a 300-degree rotation for stable and smooth focusing, with a consistent T Stop that runs from T2-T22.

The company also points out that when using the lenses at high magnification, users may need to adjust the exposure to compensate for light loss. The proper T-stop setting should be the current T-Stop plus the Exposure value.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

The three lenses are capable of capturing in the macro world but also work as standard wide-angle, standard, and telephoto focal lengths as well, with flexible shooting distances and field of view.

DZOFilm also says that the color rendition of the lenses is uniform and “naturally clean” from in-focus to out-of-focus, providing a nice bokeh and an image rich in gradation.

The lenses are also designed with an industry-standard 114mm front diameter so that matte boxes and other camera lens accessories, eliminate repeating camera adjustments when changing lenses, cutting down on camera standby time.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

The single lens retail price of the DZOFilm Gnosis 32mm, 65mm, or 90mm is $5389, and the entire three-lens set retails for $15999. The lenses are expected to ship in early August. They are available for preorder at and their authorized retailers.

[source: DZOFilm]

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