NiSi Announces New Filter Kits for Mobile Filmmaking

Filter company NiSi has announced a series of new filter kits designed chiefly for the iPhone and mobile photography or filmmaking. The new IP-A mounted filter kits come in three different variants and are chiefly designed for the iPhone.

The three kits are the Landscape Kit, the Filmmaker Kit, and the Cinema Kit. All three are designed to work with NiSi’s IP-A or P2 filter holders and offer a variety of polarizing, neutral density, and graduated filters designed specifically for each variant.


Here’s how they shake out:

The Landscape Kit comes with a new P2 holder, a polarizing filter, 6 stop ND filter with infrared blocking features, a medium graduated filter, and a carrying pouch.

The filters are designed to rotate a full 360 degrees with no vignetting and enjoy a magnification factor of 0.5x.

Image Credit – NiSi

Meanwhile, the Filmmaker Kit supports a rounded filter design and comes with a True Color ND-Vario 1-5 stop filter to aid in adjusting the shutter speed on the mobile device, plus a 1/4 Black Mist filter. A similar carrying pouch is also included.

Image Credit – NiSi

Lastly is the Cinema Kit, which adds a pair of filters to the Filmmaker kit for simulating lens flares that often come with Anamorphic style lenses. The two filters are the Allure-Streak Blue and Allure-Streak Orange filters.

Originally launched in 2018, the NiSi P1 Kit supported both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Now, with the upgraded P2 design, NiSi is focusing chiefly on iPhone and supports iPhone 13, 12, and 11, plus the iPhone X, 8-6, and the iPhone SE.

NiSi states that by focusing more narrowly on the iOS platform, they’ve been able to create an improved filter system with the better build quality and higher-performing optics.

Image Credit – NiSi

But the company doens’t at least leave out the possibility that the brand could expand back out to the Android platform in the future. Only time will tell.

The Filmmaker and Cinema Kit comes with a rounder IP-A filter holder, while the square-centric Landscape filters are supported by a new P2 filter holder design.

The filter kits have a retail price of $70 USD for the Landscape kit, $148 USD for the Filmmaker kit, and $198 USD for the Cinema kit. The kits are not currently available in the US, but users can preorder the Cinema Kit through Amazon Germany.

[source: DPReview]

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NiSi Cinema Kit (Amazon Germany)

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