Revar Cine Offers a Pricey, Scaled Down RED V-Raptor Model Camera

Jarred Land announced on Facebook over the weekend that artist Ryan Avery had his blessing to market a scaled-down model of the RED V-Raptor 8K Cinema Camera, complete with a set of three c-mount cinema lenses.

And while the high fidelity model doesn’t capture 8K footage like its full-scale cousin, it’ll undoubtedly be a conversation starter for any camera geek.

The 1:2 scale model of the Revar Cine Mini for RED V-Raptor Brain, as it is officially known, is machined out of a solid block of anodized aluminum, minute in every detail from the buttons to the iconic RED logo.

The Brain even has a 1/4-20” threaded bottom for mounting to a tripod or gimbal, and finely engraved details mirroring the real camera’s design. There’s even a “simulated image sensor” inside.

Image Credit – Revar

The camera also comes with two different model cinema lens styles, including an Atlas 65mm T2.0 Anamorphic lens with simulated gears and a glass front element.

The lens is attached with a thread-in “C-mount” but also has simulated PL mount tabs to maintain the professional aesthetic.

Image Credit – Revar

The other style lenses are a three-lens set of Tokina Cinema Vista T1.5 machined in 1:2 scale to match the Cine Mini’s Brain in form and function.

The set includes modeled 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm simulated primes, with spherical front elements and the same simulated PL mount tabs on the screw-in lens mount.

Avery is making a limited run of 300 Cine Mini RED V-Raptor cinema camera models with Land’s blessing and approval, and the models are officially licensed by RED, and adhere to their standards for a realistic representation of the real thing.

Image Credit – Revar

Sadly, the cameras are just models and don’t capture an image, but they are bound to look great as an expensive paperweight, or a conversation starter to sit on a shelf as part of an existing camera collection. And with the holidays fast approaching, it can make a great gift for any filmmaker.

The Revar Cine Mini for RED V-Raptor camera lists for $199 brain only, $299 with a single lens of choice, $439 with two lenses, $579 with three lenses, or $699 with a complete four interchangeable lens set.

The lenses are also available piecemeal for $149. All while supplies last. The model cameras will ship in November, just in time for the holidays.

They are available at

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