Nikon Updates Z9 Firmware for High-Res Zoom in 4K

With over 20 new features, Nikon has updated the firmware on the Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera to provide high-resolution digital zoom to extend the focal length without sacrificing sharpness or resolution.

In addition, the update enhances the Z9’s powerful autofocus scheme to make subject detection more accurate and sensitive.

When capturing 4K video, the High-Res Zoom feature in the Z9’s firmware version 3.0 enables users to extend the focal length of their lens by capturing the video in 8K and then gradually cropping the image to a 4K frame size in real-time.

This technique effectively doubles the focal length of the lens being used while maintaining the desired 4K image and is something that isn’t possible with digital zoom or cropping in post.

Meanwhile, enhancements in the Z9s 3D tracking autofocus system enable users to more accurately identify subjects and lock onto them, especially in low-light and low-contrast conditions. Nikon says that these improvements make focus “stickier” on a subject and less likely to hunt to a foreground obstacle that could momentarily obscure the subject.

Users can also reset the focus distance in focus shift shooting, as well as memorize the focus distance when a series of shots is being taken from different focal lengths. The camera will return to the initial focus position after a series of shots has been taken.

Image Credit: Nikon

Moreover, the detection and tracking of fast-moving animals have been enhanced, and users can now change the color of the focus points to red to make those points easier to read on the display, especially with images that have green backgrounds.

Timecode remote control across multiple Z9 cameras and support of Atomos UltraSync Blue Bluetooth connection protocol, enables multicamera recording with synced timecode, even with gear from third-party manufacturers like external recorders and audio devices. Users can also override camera settings in other cameras by switching to settings in a master camera when multiple cameras are being used.

Video recording now offers support for high-speed flicker reduction, which Nikon introduced in firmware 2.10 for stills, but is now extended to the moving image. There are also improvements to the Z9s display, offering file information and a focus indicator.

Image Credit – Nikon

Other features include a C60 high-speed still image capture that can shoot stills in a burst mode of up to 60 frames per second in DX Format.

There’s support for the iMenu displaying in vertical orientation during playback mode, customizable control through more buttons on the camera for easier access to favorite functions, and the record button can also be made programmable.

Users can also fully format CFExpress cards to delete any unwanted information on the card, and there’s support for FTPS encryption during file transfer.

So clearly, firmware version 3.0 is a huge update for the Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera, and users can download it from the Nikon Z9 support page starting today.

[source: Nikon]

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