Shot on RED: First 8K Video from Space

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) just released the first 8K footage from space, shot on RED. Whether you are a resolution junkie, or a space nerd, or even a future astronauts and/or scientist, you marvel at the awesome 8K footage from  the ISS, bringing life in space to your living room in unrelenting detail, clarity, and sharpness.

RED and NASA have been working together for years; back in 2014 they sent some RED Dragon 6K cameras to the ISS to help with the space research effort, and since April this year, they have naturally upgraded the astronauts with a RED Helium 8K onboard the spacecraft.

The 8K video was shot on the RED Helium 8K and you can also find a download link at the bottom of this post, thanks to the awesome folks at NASA, who’ve been doing a fantastic job over the years posting 4K and other high resolution videos from space on their website.

Released on Friday Nov 2nd, the video “celebrates the 18th anniversary of humans living continuously aboard and the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first two space station elements on Nov. 20 and Dec. 4, 1998, respectively.” 

RED Helium 8K Sensor/Image by RED

The 8K footage from space is super crips and clean even at 4K as expected, and really demonstrates the power of ultra-high fidelity when it comes to resolving fine detail in a unique environment such as space, unattainable and unfamiliar to 99.9% of humans. The resolution wars “horse” has been beaten to death, and this isn’t the place or time for a debate, but 8K and future higher resolutions are perfect for the fields of space exploration, research and medical, where the ability to resolve detail is much more important.

“This new footage showcases the story of human spaceflight in more vivid detail than ever before,” said Dylan Mathis, communications manager for the International Space Station Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “The world of camera technology continues to progress, and seeing our planet in high fidelity is always welcome. We’re excited to see what imagery comes down in the future.”

8k red helium space nasa first 8k video in space

Images by NASA

In the 8K video below, the space nerds among you can geek out at crew members advance DNA sequencing in space with the BEST investigation, study dynamic forces between sediment particles with BCAT-CS, learn about genetic differences in space-grown and Earth-grown plants with Plant Habitat-1, observe low-speed water jets to improve combustion processes within engines with Atomization, and much more.

See the first 8K video from space below:

“I’ve been so excited for this to get released. Earlier this year we flew an 8K version of the Red digital cinema camera. We started getting shots downlinked over the past few weeks. Fantastic job of shooting by our astronauts. Being part of another “first” in space keeps me motivated to keep pushing the state of the art for imaging in space.

Big thanks to my co-investigator Dylan Mathis and our partner, Red, and Red’s Jarred Land for being, well, Jarred. Any time we hit him with a crazy idea for doing something new in space imaging, he’s all-in! – said Rodney Grubbs of NASA.”

Since most of you will be watching on either 4K or 5K monitors at home, however for the best viewing experience best to download this video via this link here.

Learn more about NASA’s efforts into space exploration and research head over to their website here.

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