A cool feature of the RED KOMODO is that when you connect it to AC power the camera can actually charge the attached batteries.

However, it looks like in practice this isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Filmmaker Tyler Edwards experienced this pain himself when he purchased a couple REDVOLT BP battery packs and first tried to charge them up.

Thinking all you needed to do was hook them up to the KOMODO and then plug it in and wait. Then, the next day when trying to boot up the camera everything was still dead. Not a great experience. He did figure out a fix though.

Apparently, it is possible for the REDVOLT batteries to end up in a hibernation state. You’ll need to reactivate them to get everything working smoothly.

For this, you’ll just need your KOMODO, the batteries, and the AC power adapter.


Image Credit: RED

Normally what happens when you plug in your batteries is that you get a solid orange light indicating they are charging up. If the batteries are in the hibernation state that light will shut off shortly after plugging in and then nothing will happen.

What you’ll have to do, and this is the annoying part, is to unseat and reseat the battery in the camera a ton of times in a row. The orange light may continue to turn off for a while – it took him 20-30 tries. Eventually, though, it did stay on and the lights on the back of the battery flashed.


Image Credit: RED

He opted to do one battery at a time to be cautious with how it is handled. If you have a battery charger that might work more smoothly, but if you were planning on only using the KOMODO then you’ll want to check this all out.

Keep in mind that the camera is not charging the batteries super quickly. This is likely something you’ll want to do overnight and not when you are working on deadline.

[source: Tyler Edwards]

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