Creating a 3D Printed Cage for Wireless Go Microphone Which Keeps it Safe

Caleb over at DSLR Video Shooter on YouTube has designed a cage. That alone wouldn’t be of note, but this cage is for a RODE Wireless Go Microphone, and it’s designed to keep it nice and secure.

“This project came about because of my love/hate relationship with the RODE Wireless Go II,” said Pike. “I love this wireless transmitter, but the one thing that stinks is just how ‘pro-sumery’ it is.”

Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter wanted to have a sturdy exoskeleton wrapped around the wireless go transmitter, which would be able to absorb the impact, should the transmitter fall.

With nothing out there designed to be super strong and secure, he took to Fusion 360 3d modeling software to create his own. And thus, the Go-LOCK was born.

The main feature is that the cage wraps around the Rode Wireless Go system to simply protect it. The Go-LOCK adds an extra thick layer of plastic between the Go transmitter and any hard surface it may impact when dropped.

The cage has cutouts to easily access the USB jack, power button, microphone, and belt loop so that key features are still available. There’s also a threaded lav lock that keeps wired lav microphones securely plugged in so they can’t be pulled out and damaged.

The only thing that isn’t covered in the design is the ability to add a dead cat fuzzy covering for the built-in microphone. With the limited amount of space there, something had to be sacrificed, and Caleb preferred security and protection over any potential wind noise abatement.

The cage will make the RODE Wireless Go more obvious when clipping to talent for use as a wireless lav, but when you weigh the ability to guard against potential impact damage should the mic fly off and impact a hard surface, the tradeoff for peace of mind if pretty clear.

The cage was printed using a PRUSA i3 Mk. III FDM 3D Printer and Caleb is offering a limited number of Go-LOCK cages for sale for $39.99. But he also has the digital 3D model files available for download for free to those who wish to print their own.

He’s even created a video on how to print them for the best results. The cage is also compatible with both RODE Wireless Go and Wireless Go II models.

The Go-LOCK is available on Gear Focus Photo and Video Marketplace in Space Gray, Silver, and Blue Metallic. Other colors are currently listed as out of stock.

The digital files can be downloaded for free over at Camera Foundry.

[source: DSLR Video Shooter, YouTube]

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