Since the Release of Sony’s ZV-1 the Vlog Camera Market Has Exploded

Since Sony’s vlog-centric ZV-1 mirrorless camera hit the market in June, content creators have discovered the benefits of a dedicated camera for shooting selfie-style vlogs and posting them online. As such, the market for vlog cameras has nearly doubled in just two years.

According to a report by BCN+R, sales of compact vlogging cameras from Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon caused the market to explode by 1.88 times, with the ZV-1 APS-C Compact camera leading the way as the top seller for over a year.

Image Credit – Sony

Then came the Sony ZV-E10, which picked up the flag and added an interchangeable E-mount lens to continue the momentum. Since then, Sony has announced a third new model called the ZV-1F.

With Sony’s dominance in the field looking to go virtually unchallenged, Panasonic answered with the release of the Lumix G100, followed by Nikon’s Z30 a month later.

Neither competitor has experienced the same robust sales as the Sonys, but they did well enough to stay in the top five in sales for the compact camera category.

Image Credit – Sony

The success of the compact camera in the last two years is welcome news for the camera market, which was almost declared dead due to the popularity of smartphones in capturing photos and videos in those so-called every day “Kodak moments.”

Coupled with the worldwide chip shortage and pandemic causing companies to cancel multiple models of cameras, it looked like the camera market would begin a long, sad slide into history.

Once the Sony Vlogcam ZV-1 came out, with a one-inch APS-C image sensor, external microphone support, and a pull-out LCD screen, and perhaps due to the fact that many people were stuck at home on lockdown, suddenly there was a market hungry for vlogging cameras that could create content to while away the hours.

Image Credit – BC+R

BCN+R seems to think that the overall novelty of vlogging, which has actually been around for about 10 years, and the relatively low price of entry with compact digital cameras have given the camera market a bit of a boost.

The report indicates that these cameras cost about 17-34 percent cheaper than other mirrorless cameras, giving users motivation to give vlogging a try.

To date, vlogging cameras represent nearly eight percent of the overall camera market, and that figure is expected to continue to grow over the coming years, especially if companies like Canon and Fujifilm decide to get into the vlogging wars with their own dedicated platforms.

The only remaining question will be, is there enough online vlogging content to support it?

And we all know the answer to that, so the future is bright. Will filmmakers be giving vlogging a go? Or will this be a flash in the proverbial pan?

[source: Sony Alpha Rumors]

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