DJI Mic Now Comes in a Single Transmitter Variant

Responding to requests for a one-person version of their popular wireless microphone, DJI now offers a single-transmitter variant.

The one-person variety offers a more affordable option for content creators who primarily work alone and only need a single source microphone for their audio workflow.

Designed for single-person interviews, the DJI Mic has one transmitter and one receiver in a more miniature, recharging capsule. Battery life is about 5.5 hours from the transmitter, and 5 hours from the receiver.

Image Credit – DJI

With recharging from the storage capsule, the DJI Mic unit can be operated for 14 hours before having to recharge the capsule along with the microphone.

The transmitter can send pristine 48 kHz 24-bit mono wireless encrypted audio over the 2.4 gHz band to a distance of up to 820 feet through a solitary miniature clip-on omnidirectional mic/transmitter, which can also record backup safety track audio.

That audio has a lower volume of -6 dB and serves as a guard against unforeseen spikes and hot spots in the audio.

Along with support for the DJI Action Camera 2, the DJI Mic wireless receiver can be mounted to a DSLR camera hot shoe and connected through a 3.5mm TRS cable. It can also be connected directly to an iPhone via an included Lightning adapter, or an Android smartphone with a USB-C adapter.

Once connected, the initial setup can be completed within seconds and after which, the wireless mic will record every time after that. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the receiver to monitor the audio feed while recording.

The DJI Mic has an omnidirectional pickup pattern that picks up speech even in microphone placement that is less than ideal, but DJI says it will still consistently offer a clear and easy-to-understand audio signal.

Image Credit – DJI

DJI says that the wireless transmitter is comfortable to wear and easy to conceal, but can also be used as a handheld microphone.

There even the company may offer an optional handle in the future to give it a more conventional microphone stature. Lavalier mics can also be plugged into the transmitter and used for situations where having an on-body microphone needs to be more discreet.

The receiver offers a built-in touchscreen for adjusting gain levels between -12 and +12 dB, monitoring battery life and recording status, as well as signal strength.

All told, the DJI Mic Digital Wireless Microphone single-unit variant can be a useful tool for a one-man crew doing content creation online, or when seeking to mic up a single subject for interviewing.

The DJI Mic Digital Wireless Microphone Single Microphone transmitter and receiver system are available now for $219.

Or users can pick up a two-transmitter model for $329. More details can be found at

[source: B&H]

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