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A neat effect that has become very useful is being able to quickly punch in/out of your footage quickly and seamlessly. It can help bring focus to a certain area of the frame as well as simply make a simple scene a bit more dynamic.

Doing this manually isn’t fun as you’ll be working with a lot of keyframes to get it positioned and zoomed properly and then you’ll want to add some ramping to the beginning and end to get a smoother effect.

Or, you can use some presets that will make this a painless experience. Filmmaker Kyler Holland has a free scaling preset pack that can get you started.

The way to get the presets for free is to watch the video as he slowly reveals the code throughout it.

Installing packs is very easy in Premiere Pro. Go to the Effects tab, right-click, and select import presets. Now, just find where you saved the preset pack and open it up. They should now just show up in your effects list.

You’ll see that the preset pack includes a range of different scaling options that either start and 100% and go up or start above 100% and go down. These are designed to be used in an adjustment layer. Creating a layer and dragging the effect on is all you have to do.

Duration is equally as easy since the effect will conform to the length of the adjustment layer. If you adjust after applying it you can just find the keyframes in the effect controls to make it shorter or longer as you need.

If you want to reverse your punch in or out you can easily just make a cut in the adjustment layer where you want to start the move. Find the opposite preset and just apply it like you did the original and you are all set.

You may want to change where you want to zoom in. In the effect controls you’ll need to head to the very end keyframe of the position setting. Change the position until you get it where you want the effect to end. It should now zoom in on the area you have chosen.

To do a reverse for positioning you’ll need to adjust the settings on the next preset. Head to the keyframes of your reverse and match the initial keyframe here with the position you set at the ending keyframe of the original. This will do proper scaling.

It’s a clean way of getting the effect done and should save you some time. Make sure you watch the video to get the code!


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