Why is the ARRI ALEXA 35 the Best Cinema Camera Ever Built?

ARRI has been dominant in the world of cinema cameras for decades. Their experience and desire to build class-leading equipment is nearly unmatched and proven with their products.

The most recent is the ALEXA 35 and it is a significant upgrade to a camera platform that many already considered the best out there. Just what does make it perhaps  the best cinema camera ever?

For that answer we want to turn to an actual filmmaker, Dustin Harrelson, who was able to take get his hands on the camera to do some shooting and see just how good the ALEXA 35 can be.

This is an impressive cinema camera from the specs alone:

  • 4K up to 120 fps
  • 17+ stops dynamic range
  • 4.6K Super 35mm ALEV IV CMOS sensor

That isn’t everything when it comes to working with a cinema camera though. The ALEXA 35 is a camera that simply feels good in the hand and makes it so that the only limits are your own creativity.

Having 17 stops of dynamic range is an incredible feature. You’ll be able to capture detail throughout the entire shot and expose how you need without losing information for working in post. It also makes the clips look more natural and organic.

ARRI ALEXA 35 Cinema Camera

Image Credit: ARRI

Of course, part of the ALEXA 35’s charm is that it uses the next-gen ARRI color science. Half the reason to choose ARRI is because of the gorgeous color reproduction.

Good design is the other reason ARRI cinema cameras are so loved. They are simple to use and yet have an incredible degree of customization through the settings and options. You can map the six side buttons to your favorite settings and get right to work.

A camera that feels good in the hand and that is intuitive to use can make your shoots much faster and smoother.

Menus are also simple and easy to navigate. Can’t ask for more than that.

ARRI ALEXA 35 Cinema Camera Rear

Image Credit: ARRI

He was shooting outside and was using the external viewfinder which turned out to be a very high-end experience. High-quality screen and easy to get positioned as needed.

Sometimes what a filmmaker needs is a camera that gets out of the way. A camera that is easy to use and delivers top-of-the-line image quality without fail is the dream and the ARRI ALEXA 35 seems to check all those boxes. Check out the sample footage here if you want to be convinced.

What do you think about the ARRI ALEXA 35? Have you ever been able to use one of these cinema cameras?

[source: Dustin Harrelson]

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