DJI Announces New Avata Integra Goggles and Second-Gen RC Motion Controller

DJI has updated their flight peripherals for the DJI Avata with next-generation Goggles and RC Motion Controllers.

The DJI Goggles Integra and the RC Motion 2 controller promise a deeper immersive flying experience through ultra-low latency video transmission and enhanced flight control.

The DJI Avata is the company’s entry into the so-called “cine-whoop” category of drones, which are known for being fast and highly nimble in flight, being able to navigate through tight spaces and interiors while providing a highly cinematic video image from its gyro-stabilized 4K camera.

Image Credit – DJI Global

Invented by drone racers and cinematographers looking for a better way to capture video while maneuvering in tight places, the cinewhoop drone has largely been the domain of DIYers who have built their own from off-the-shelf parts.

DJI’s Avata has sought to provide a similar performance.

DJI Goggles Integra

To make flying the Avata a more immersive flight experience, DJI has taken the lessons learned from the previous generation and crafted new models with better control, comfort, and easy-to-use capability.

The DJI Goggles Integra offers an integrated design that merges the headband and battery into one design, eliminating the need of connecting cables and offering up to two hours of operating time.

Image Credit – DJI Global

The Integra utilizes DJI’s O3+ transmission technology standard for ultra-low latency of 30 ms, and stable video transmission signals.

The Goggles can also directly connect to the Avata without the need for a smartphone to handle the connection.

But on those occasions where connection to a smartphone is desired, the Integra can wirelessly connect through the DJI Fly app and transmit a real-time view to both the Goggles and smartphone simultaneously, to share the transmission with an observer or bystanders.

Image Credit – DJI Global

Moreover, the Goggles Integra offers two micro-OLED screens that project 1080p HD video in true to-light colors with detailed shadows and a brightness of 700 nits.

The screens offer a refresh rate of 100 Hz and are TUV Rheinland certified for low blue light emissions to reduce eye fatigue during operation.

DJI RC Motion 2 Flight Controller

Meanwhile, the DJI RC Motion 2 light controller has an upgraded design that makes it easier to navigate and maneuver the Avata while in flight.

With motion sensing technology and an accelerator with a reverse function, the RC Motion 2 supports multidirectional flight, making the Avata even more nimble through forward, backward, and other in-flight maneuverings while in close confines.

Image Credit – DJI Global

The RCM2 also features a function dial that enables the drone operator to adjust the camera’s ISO, shutter, and other parameters with a tactile touch without needing to make changes through the FPV interface.

Image Credit – DJI Global

Pricing and Availability:

The retail price of the DJI Goggles Integra is $499, while the DJI RC Motion 2 Flight Controller is available for $239.

DJI also has an Avata Explorer Combo which includes the DJI Avata Drone, the DJI Goggle Integra, and the DJI RC Motion Controller 2 for $1,278.

There is also a lower-end DJI Pro-View Combo which couples the Avata with an RC Motion 2 controller and the DJI Goggles 2 for $1428.

All products are available beginning today from DJI’s website and authorized retailers like B&H. More details can be found at and

[source: DJI Global]

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  • DJI Goggles Integra (B&H)
  • DJI RC Motion 2 Controller for Avata (B&H)
  • DJI Avata Explorer Combo with Goggles Integra (B&H)
  • DJI Avata Pro-View Combo with RC Motion 2 (B&H

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