Adobe Firefly: Reimagining Video Using Generative AI

Adobe has announced its new Generative AI project, known as Adobe Firefly.

Firefly harnesses the power of Adobe Sensei and Adobe Stock to create original generative AI images, but now that initiative is being applied to video.

“With Firefly as a creative co-pilot, you can supercharge your discovery and ideation processes and cut post-production time from days to minutes. And with generative AI integrated directly into your workflows, these powerful new capabilities will be right at your fingertips.” – Adobe Blog

Through Adobe Firefly, content creators can apply generative AI to their video workflow to create custom music and sound effects, storyboards and animatics, unique titles, text effects and graphics, and even B-roll assembled edits, all through the power of text-based prompting.

Image Credit – Adobe

Users will also be able to move forward or backward in time no matter when a video clip was shot.

Imagine being able to adjust the look of a video to reflect an earlier morning, or maybe even adding a sunset during the golden hour, or even changing the weather without having to reshoot.

Image Credit – Adobe

Shot scenes can also be expanded to create an even larger world with the Firefly A.I. filling in the details.

And a rough cut edit complete with relevant B-roll can be generated in minutes by simply telling Firefly what you want, having it analyze the scene for relevant details, and then comparing it to B-roll footage that has been shot.

Image Credit – Adobe

Adobe Firefly will also be able to generate original, and royalty-free sound effects and music to give a sense of depth and emotion to a scene for either a temporary or final soundtrack.

Additionally, but using a few words at the available prompt, users will be able to adjust titles by changing fonts, adding text effects, graphics, and even animation without the tedious task of using rotoscoping or other CGI tools.

Image Credit – Adobe

Creators can also cut and paste a script into the editing line and Adobe Firefly will analyze the script text to generate storyboards and animatics for previsualization and rough-cut assembly clips, thereby dramatically reducing preproduction time.

As Adobe Character Animator revolutionized and democratized animation for smaller-budget productions, Adobe Firefly is bound to create giant ripples when it comes to the post-production workflow.

Adobe says that Firefly will be able to reduce that workflow from days or weeks, to even a few minutes.

If even a fraction of that boast is true, it’ll be a revolution that will change the way post-production is handled moving forward.

Coupling Firefly with Camera to Cloud is bound to mean that production and post-production will be accomplished simultaneously, saving production millions.

That’s already happening, but with AI, it’s going to happen faster.

Some will argue that the AI-driven workflow will cost jobs, not likely in the near future.

More likely it will enable small productions and one-person crews the ability to achieve a vision with a workflow that would normally be out of their financial reach.

Currently in Beta, Adobe plans to incorporate Firefly for Video into Creative Cloud later this year. to unleash a content creator’s creativity by simply requesting alterations to a video using a few chosen words and text-based editing.

Adobe will also be demonstrating Firefly at NAB, booth N2438 in the North Hall. The sessions will also be broadcast on Adobe’s YouTube Live Channel.

In the meantime, users can sign up for the Firefly Beta and follow the developments on Adobe’s Discord page.

[source: Adobe Blog]

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