Kelvin Play Rocks NAB with World’s First RGBACL Panel Light

LED Light Panels are a dime a dozen in the content creation technology space, and even RGB LED lights are at the point of being ubiquitous.

But an LED panel light with red, blue, and green, but also amber, lime, and cyan … well, apparently, that’s a first. And its name is the Kelvin Play.

Traditionally, RGB and RGBWW panel lights combine red, blue, and green to create shades of color, while the addition of two WW LEDs offers a warm white and cold white shade for a more finely tuned white balance.

Image Credit – Kelvin Lights

RGBALC lights provide an additional LED that translates to more accurate colors and shades.

Image Credit – Kelvin Lights

“The advantage RGBACL has over RGBWW is that it is capable of giving you a larger CCT range and it can produce more saturated colors with more output,” states the Kelvin announcement.

“RGBWW lights tend to struggle to create saturated colors like yellow and they don’t always have as much output when generating saturated colors. They can also have a large drop-off in output at different CCT settings.”

Image Credit – Kelvin Lights

Winner of the 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award, the Kelvin Play is an 18-watt full spectrum LED pocket panel light that consists of conventional COB lights found in Kelvin’s other LED panel lights, the Epos 300 and Epos 600, and relies on the same Cantastoria six-light engine.

This gives the Kelin Play overall light ratings of 98 for CRI, 99 for TLCI, 86 for SSI at 3200K, and 74 for SSI at 5600K. It also has a CQS rating of 97 and an IP rating of 65.

Moreover, the Kelvin Play offers a CCT range of 2000K and 20000K, which is pretty bright for a pocket light, and has a three-hour run time at maximum brightness before it needs to be recharged via USB-C.

It is also built out of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum for robust performance while out in the field. There are also dual 1/4″-20 Female Thread Mountings for attaching in either portrait or landscape configurations.

Image Credit – Kelvin Lights

The light has a built-in 1.3” touchscreen TFT LCD screen and dual control knobs for onboard control. The knobs provide onboard control to switch between CCT, HSI, and RGI modes, as well as adjust dimming (from 0-100%) and color temperature.

The light can also be controlled through Kelvin’s Narrator app, for iOS and Android, which gives users the ability to the same features, and add creative and custom lighting effects from as far as 328 feet away.

Image Credit – Kelvin Lights

Kelvin has also developed a kit of six light modifiers which include a honeycomb grid of 60 and 40 degrees, light, medium, and heavy light diffusers, and a spacer to adjust the focus of the light.

All the modifiers can be attached magnetically, so they are easily and quickly adjusted on the fly.

The Kelvin Play RGBACL Pocket Light Panel is available for a preorder price of $174, while the accessory kit has a preorder price of $159 (from Kelvin Direct).

Users can also pick up the diffusers piecemeal for $34 each. After the latter half of September 2023 shipping date, however, that price will inch up to $249 for the light and $199 for the modifier kit.

[source: DIYP]

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