Insta360 Reinvents the Action Cam, and It Changes Everything… Again

There are products that get released that are simply just the next step in a design process.

And then there are products that change the game so much, that you don’t remember your creative life before them.

The Insta360 Go 3 may just change the action camera game forever.

Image Credit – Insta360

The tiny pill-like design has been around since the beginning of the Go series, but with the third generation, Insta360 has listened to customer feedback and introduced the Action Pod, which does double duty as a charging hub.

And thanks to its 2.2” flip touchscreen screen the Pod can also serve as a wireless video monitor and remote.

The Go 3 has also been upgraded to 2.7K video at up to 60 frames per second, an improvement from the 1440K featured in the Go 2.

Insta360 has also improved the audio quality by adding a second microphone to the camera unit so that users can record in stereo, which gives the audio a leg up over the typically lackluster audio quality of most action cameras.

The Go 3 is also voice controlled for complete hands-free operation, no matter the situation.

Image Credit – Insta360

But where the Insta360 Go 3 really shines is in its flexibility.

With the mechanical/magnetic cavity of the Action Pod, the Go 3 can attach and go into action camera or vlogging mode, and can record 2.7K video with Free Frame Mode, which can then be transformed into a variety of aspect ratios from 4:3 to 16:9, and even 9:16 for Instagram style videos.

Users can also bake in any aspect ratio after the fact.

Image Credit – Insta360

The flexibility doesn’t end there either, as the Insta360 Go 3 can be removed from the Action Pod with a press of a button and then magnetically affixed to one of three mounts that come with the camera.

There’s the sticky-mounted pivot stand tripod mount, the hat brim mounts with a single-axis adjustment feature, and the magnetic pendant, which users can place around their neck for that first-person point of view.

With a touch of the camera anywhere, the Go 3 will begin recording. Users can then use the Action Pod as a wireless video monitor and remote control for reviewing the camera footage.

Insta360 also has a trio of additional recording modes, including Pre-recording, looped recording, and time capture, which can schedule both video and time-lapse recording at a specific time.

Image Credit – Insta360

Moreover, there is also a Time Shift or hyper lapse mode, and an AI-driven HDR mode for still images with enhanced dynamic range and slow motion at up to 120 frames per second.

Insta360 has also done away with clip length limitations and has incorporated Insta 360s Flow State Image Stabilization and 360° Horizon Lock to make the footage rock steady when recording the action.

Battery life has also been improved with the Go 3 camera module getting about 45 minutes of continual use through the camera’s 310 mAh battery.

A 50 percent increase from the Go 2. Recording time can also be extended to up to 170 minutes through the Action Pod, which can also serve to recharge the unit.

The camera pod is also water resistant with an IPX8 rating that waterproofs the camera to 15 feet. The Action Pod, unfortunately, is not waterproof and only has a rating of IPX4.

This means if it gets splashed on, it’ll be OK but don’t dunk it or dive into a pool without the optional waterproof housing.

Through the new Action Pod, improved battery life, and better sound, the Insta360 Go 3 is bound to give the user greater flexibility for capturing unique angles and perspectives, giving the audience the ability to see the world from a view they’ve never seen before. And that’s what content creation is all about.

Pricing and Availability

The Insta360 Go 3 is available starting today from Insta360 Direct and its authorized retailers.

It comes with three storage options, 32GB for $379.99 (shipping soon), 64GB (available now) for $399.99, and 128GB (shipping soon) for $429.99.

Regardless of camera storage size, each package includes an action pod, magnet pendant mount, easy pivot tripod stand, and lens guard. There is also an optional bendable metal selfie stick.

[source: Insta360]

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