Generative AI Video is Coming to Adobe Firefly and Premiere Pro

Adobe has announced the development of a set of powerful new generative AI video tools that promise to reimagine the post-production workflow as we know it.

These tools are designed to help filmmakers improve the production value of their edits and enhance their creativity. The new AI-based tools come with a notification strategy that informs the user when an AI asset was generated and from what source.

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According to Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of, the Creative Product Group at Adobe, the company is “re-imagining every step of the video creation and production workflow to give creators more flexibility and power.

By incorporating generative AI innovations into the core Premiere Pro workflows, Adobe aims to solve real pain points that video editors face daily while enabling them to focus more on their craft.”

Through Firefly, Adobe is developing several new tools that promise to allow editors to add, remove, or replace scene elements using generative AI.

They can also extend a scene for a few beats by creating additional frames to increase the dramatic effect.

Additionally, post-production editors will be able to replace assets within a scene that fail to pass copyright or approvals, thus avoiding the need to make pickup shots to get around a potential clearance issue.

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Firefly can also remove distracting elements within the scene or change costume elements even if there are last-minute rewrites without having to reshoot. With just a click of a mouse, costume designs can be changed, or colors adjusted.

Firefly will also be able to create a B-roll clip through a text-to-video feature. With this feature, users can just click on the Generative AI icon, type out a description from the prompt, and then choose the clip that most closely matches the scene from a host of AI-generated video options.

Firefly can also add elements to the scene from third-party providers.

Partnering with Runway, Pika Labs, and Open AI, Firefly can pull from additional generative models that have been vetted and tested for even more options. Those models will also contain metadata credentials that identify the asset as a generative AI model and from where it came.

Adobe is also developing its Content Authenticity Initiative, which provides free open-source credentials produced within its applications so users can see how the content was made and what source AI models were used to generate it.

The company is also working to provide a means for users to approve the use of their content to train their generative AI models and is one of the only companies that will pay for content, making it a secondary source of revenue for content creators.

Image Credit – Adobe

Moreover, Adobe has added an AI-powered Enhance Speech tool to clear up unwanted noise from audio and improve recorded dialogue. There are also custom audio transitions that can be inserted by simply dragging handles to create audio fades.

Adobe’s Firefly Generative AI tools are currently in development and will be coming to Premiere Pro later this year. For more information, please visit the Adobe website.

[source: Adobe]

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