Check Out This Budget Hi-Quality Shotgun Mic for Your Productions

When it comes to audio equipment there have been a few pieces of gear that always show up on the must-have lists. One example of this is the Sennheiser MKH 416.

It’s one of a few shotgun mics that has been constantly recommended for its quality and reliability. It is pricey though at around $1,000. That’s where the new competition comes in.

Lots of new companies are creating outstanding audio gear for much cheaper while delivering nearly the same performance.

Today, we are going to check out one of the new options: the Synco Mic-D2. Audio expert Tom Antos seems to think it can replace a 416 at a fraction of the cost.

The inspiration for this video was another test that kept swapping between the MKH 416 and the Synco mics and it was near impossible to tell the difference. That made the cheaper mic very interesting for Tom to check out.

Included with the mic is a standard windscreen which will help a touch, a zippered case, and a short XLR cable.

There’s also one of those basic mic holders and stand adapters, though you’ll likely already have or want to pick up a shockmount.

Being a hypercardioid design means that it has a very directional pickup pattern.

This should help reduce any background noise and in this test where he has AC running in the background it seems to be working very well.

There’s still a tiny hum, but there isn’t much to do about that with any mic.

Synco Mic-D2 Shotgun Microphone

Image Credit: Synco

Moving around the mic confirms the pickup pattern is very focused because you can’t make out anything he is saying as he moves.

These mics are perfect for film/TV production and often will be boomed to get as close as possible to the subject. Being closer is always going to give you the best quality audio no matter the mic.

This mic will require phantom power to work so you’ll need a camera or recorder that supports it.

Construction is solid. It measures 10” long  and is made from a brass material. The XLR connection is gold-plated for a more reliable signal.

There is a built-in bass boost on the mic itself. And, it is designed to minimize interference from wireless devices.

If it is so close to the 416 why is the Synco so much more affordable?

Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone

Image Credit: Sennheiser

Well, in the test in the studio setting, there doesn’t seem to be much reason beyond it being the new competition that is coming in at a better price point.

It’s also a sign that a lot of this tech is now a lot easier to produce and therefore we are just getting great gear for cheap.

The next test is simulating a more real-world condition with some background noise.

Playing some ambient sound from a restaurant on his phone he moves it around to see how the mic handles it.

Even when pointing the mic directly at the phone it does a great job of keeping his voice isolated.

I’m convinced that this is an incredible shotgun mic for the price. What do you think?

[source: Tom Antos]

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