Nikon’s Z9 Gets Firmware Update with Improved Subject Detection

Nikon has announced a new firmware update for the Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera. Version 4.10 is a small update that adds expanded subject detection modes to the camera’s autofocus capability.

“Nikon will continuously meet users’ needs through firmware updates that expand the functionality of its cameras,” the company representative said in a statement.

It’s not a comprehensive update to be sure. In fact, it’s only a single line item in the change log. But the impact it will have on shooting video and stills may be fairly handy.

Nikon Z9 Mirrorless Camera

Image Credit: Nikon

The update adds Birds and Airplanes to the autofocus subject detection options, giving shooters the ability to identify and capture those objects within the frame and hold focus on them while recording either still images or video clips.

In addition to improved detection of birds and airplanes in various states, including flying, the update will provide greater performance in detecting the subjects in complicated and high-contrast backgrounds such as forests and rocky mountains.

The option also offers increased detection capabilities for dark scenes and those that include busy backgrounds.

Updating steps

The version 4.10 update is available for download from the Nikon Download Center Website. Users can choose files optimized for either Windows or macOS operating systems. Any Linux users will have to contact Nikon for a workaround.

Nikon advises that users have a fully charged battery before attempting the update, and to not turn off the camera while the update is being performed. The update takes about 5-6 minutes to complete after downloading.

Users may experience a brief delay in loading the progress bar if their current C firmware version is 2.00 or earlier. Moreover, updating from version 3.10 or earlier will cause all IPTC presets to be reset or deleted. This is largely due to improvements in the IPTC utility structure which requires deleting of all IPTC data.

Users are cautioned to back up their settings to a media card by going to [IPTC] > [Load/save] > [Slot 1]/[Slot 2] > [Copy to card] in the [SETUP MENU]. To reload the settings individually, users can then repeat the process after the update and select [Load menu settings] at the end. Any IPTC settings saved under firmware 4.0 are safe and will remain active after the update.

No Z8 Update Until 2024

Unfortunately, Nikon Z8 users will have to wait for a new update. Nikon does, however, have a new update release planned for the first half of 2024. That update will include not only the expanded bird detection features that the Z9 is getting (airplane detection is currently available in the Z8) but also additional housekeeping improvements as well.

The Z9 update is available now from the link above.

[source: Nikon USA]

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