Sony Updates FX Cinema Camera Firmware With A Bevy of New Features

Sony has announced an upcoming firmware update for the FX3, FX6, and FX30 cinema cameras, bringing many new features to bear.

The features include breathing compensation for G-Master Lenses, variable shutter angle control, and a new Monitor and Control app interface. Let’s break it down.

More compact than the higher-end VENICE and VENICE 2 platforms, the Sony FX line of cinema cameras offers a classic cinematic look with enhanced reliability and performance.

Image Credit – SONY

Cameras like the FX6 are designed for true gun and gun action and content creation, while the FX 30’s new BURANO design brings content creators ever closer to achieving their vision of true visual storytelling, while the FX3 is the perfect entry into the Cinema camera platform for creators who have cut their teeth on DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

Image Credit – SONY

The Firmware Updates: Sony FX6

The FX6’s Version 5.0 firmware update gets the most additions by providing a 1.5x de-squeeze option for Anamorphic Lenses, and integration of 3d LUTs made popular by the higher-performing VENICE camera line.

The FX6 also gets more accurate color processing and the addition of Waveform and False Color features through the updated Motion and Control App. Users of 200-600 G and 100-400 G-Master lenses will also enjoy expanded breathing compensation support.

Meanwhile, Sony has downloadable presets available now. The presets consist of downloadable files that can be installed into the FX6 to make the most popular menu functions easy to access through the camera’s assignable buttons.

These functions include S&Q Motion, Base ISO/Sensitivity, Video Signal Monitor, Focus Magnifier x3/x6, Direct Menu for adjusting settings of the camera displayed on the viewfinder screen, Off/on functions, Picture Cache Recording, access to the overall user menu, and a special marker option.

All preset files are available for download at the Sony FX6 website.  The Version 5.0 firmware update is scheduled to be available as early as May 2024 or later.

Image Credit – SONY

Sony FX3/FX30 Firmware Update

Meanwhile, for the FX3 and FX30 cinema cameras, there is the addition of a new shutter angle control similar to what is featured on the FX 6. Users from shutter speed or shutter angle to dial in the ideal exposure.

Other updated features include SRT/RTMP/RTMPS support for live video streaming through the Sony Creator’s App and the ability to add clip flags to mark shots.

As this firmware update won’t be released until sometime in September 2024, there may be other features that will also be added.

[source: Sony]

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