Sony BURANO Cinema Camera Now in Stock + New LUTs Available to Download

Sony has just announced four new LUTs that BURANO users can use to create an engaging cinematic look.

The look-up tables include Warm, Cool, Vintage, and Teal with Orange, and have been designed with the industry standard s709 an s709 when in Cine El mode.

Image Credit – SONY

The compact Sony BURANO Full Frame cinema camera is designed as an affordable and matching alternative to the higher-end VENICE 2 cinema camera and can capture 8.6K footage at up to 30 fps and 8.2K footage at up to 60 fps.

Capable of capturing in full-frame and Super 35 mm modes, the BURANO has the same SONY color science that is designed to produce more accurate skin tones and cinematic color gamuts.

The camera not only matches the VENICE’s color and resolution, but Sony says it also incorporates the same autofocus technology and the Cooke/I metadata technology along with ZEISS eXtended Data mode.

The Sony Exmor Semsr supports dual base ISO and offers exceptional latitude of up to 16 stops of dynamic range, with low light performance of up to 6 stops over and 10 stops under with 18% middle gray tones and HDR color without clipping.

The camera also supports both E-Mount and PL-Mount lenses with in-body image stabilization (IBIS).

Image Credit – SONY Professional

The four new LUTs that SONY is releasing, have been fine-tuned to suit most shooting scenarios, and Sony says they will provide the kind of engaging and distinctive looks that users are after.

The cube files are also arrayed in the standard Sony 33 grid point lattice.

Users can download the eight cube files, four for S-Gamut3.Cine and 4 for S-Gamut3 by visiting the Sony Professional Products BURANO support website.

Image Credit – SONY

Those looking to upgrade to the SONY BURANO can now pull that trigger as the camera is now fully stocked at retailers such as B&H.

Though the item is listed as “coming soon” with a projected shipping window of Spring 2024, the retailer is notifying users of the camera’s immediate availability.

The BURANO has a list price of $25,000 B&H is offering interest-free financing for 12 and 24 months, plus savings on sales tax when using the store’s Payboo credit card. There is also free two-day shipping.

B&H is also announcing that the OM System OM-1 II Mirrorless Camera is also available now for a retail price of just under $2400.

The micro four-thirds mirrorless camera can capture 4K60p video with 140-bit color with 5-axis image stabilization and Cross Quad Pixel Phase Detection Autofocus.

[source: B&H]

Order Links:

  • Sony BURANO 8K Digital Motion Picture Camera (B&H)
  • OM System OM 1 II Mirrorless Camera, Body only (B&H)

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