Panasonic GH6 Is Rumored to be Discontinued, Paving the Way for the GH7

Stores in Japan are indicating that the Panasonic GH6 mirrorless camera is being listed as “discontinued,” which could mean that the next-generation GH7 might be released later this year.

The Micro Four-Thirds camera platform is popular among video content creators, and a new model could potentially introduce new features such as AI and other tools that users are interested in.

Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera

Image Credit: Panasonic

The report comes from the Japanese tech site Asobinet via 43Rumors, which suggests that production of the GH6 may be coming to an end.

However, it’s important to note that this has not been officially confirmed and could potentially be a temporary halt in production. Note that B&H still has it listed, and with a $100 discount.

Given the maturity of the GH6 and the rumors of an upcoming GH7, the company may be preparing to introduce the next-generation GH7.

Notably, Panasonic has registered three new cameras in China, including the new Lumix S9, indicating that the GH7 could be part of this lineup.

Next-Gen Features

If a new micro four-thirds model is indeed in the works and close to replacing the current model, what could it offer?

Speculations suggest that the GH7 will utilize the same 25 mp CMOS image sensor found in the G9II, along with phase detection autofocus, addressing the previous issues with the “depth from defocus” system.

Rumors also indicate that the GH7 will feature in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and internal Raw recording using ProRes.

Additionally, it’s expected that Panasonic will integrate the GH7 with the new Lumix Lab mobile app, allowing for the loading of LUTs and support for Panasonic’s new LUT system.

The GH7 is also anticipated to be slightly larger, accommodating a redesigned cooling fan to dissipate heat during prolonged video recording sessions such as interviews and live streaming.

Panasonic is also working on a new XLR module for the micro four-thirds camera, providing support for 32-bit floating audio recording. This would be a significant improvement considering the limitations of most built-in camera audio systems.

Pricing and availability

Finally, in terms of pricing and availability, it’s based on Panasonic’s tease of a new camera coming this week, the GH7 could be announced as early as of June 5th at CineGear, and for a retail price of $2,200.

Shipping could potentially commence shortly thereafter, as early as July 2024.

[source: 43Rumors]

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