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Five Stunning New Premiere Pro CC 2019 Features Worth Knowing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’d know that Adobe has released a major update to all Creative Cloud applications not that long ago, including Premiere Pro CC. In this update, the leading software company aims to have added features that make the editing experience

ARRI ALEXA XT vs GH5 vs BMPCC 4K – Side-by-Side Comparison Tests

Even though there are at least a dozen high-end professional cinema cameras available to filmmakers nowadays, many cinematographers would agree that the ARRI’s highly esteemed ALEXA lineup is inarguably the best in the industry, used by many seasoned professionals from independent projects to multi-million Oscar-winning masterpieces and

How to Grade S-Log and Cine4 Footage in FCPX Using Curves

Color grading video captured with Sony’s proprietary picture profiles can be pretty hectic, especially for new editors. This is mainly because both S-Log and Cine4 produce extremely flat-looking footage that requires a decent amount of time to process in post. However, when it comes to grading clips

Four Creative Ways to Use Masking in Premiere Pro CC

The masking tool – initially found in After Effects – is still one of the most powerful and versatile assets available in Premiere Pro CC. Having the ability to isolate areas of your footage has aided post-production workflows, unlocking more advanced color grading practices and making simple

How to Get Beautiful Skin Tones in Premiere Pro CC

Many filmmakers would agree that one of the most intimidating aspects of color grading would be retaining accurate, beautiful-looking skin tones. As you start adding on various LUTs, curves, and other color grading filters, it’s easy to get distracted, causing you to lose the natural appearance of

How to Expose S-Log Correctly Every Time

S-Log is known as the most widely used color profile among Sony camera users. No matter which flavor is being used – S-Log 2 or S-Log 3 – the image detail obtained with the camera setting allows for maximum post-production flexibility while providing enough room for multiple