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Ultra HD Blu-ray Format Licensing Starts End Of August

It seems that the bright mainstream 4K future is now another step closer to turning into reality. With the constantly dropping prices of both the professional and consumer-oriented 4K capable devices comes the recent announcement from the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) that the organisation will begin licensing the Ultra HD

4K Blu-ray to be Released by End of 2015

Sooner rather than later, 4K acquisition will be everywhere. Along with the high-end professional tools, we already have access to affordable 4K cameras, 4K Televisions, monitors and other affordable 4K tools, and more are hitting the shelves almost every week. Recently, we learned that Blu-ray is getting the 4K treatment. This is one of

The Benefits of Shooting 4K RAW on the BMPC

Shooting raw video is one of the most demanding and appealing features for many indie filmmakers. For many years, this feature was available only on higher priced models like the Red One from Red Digital Cinema. Blackmagic Design implemented that feature in all of the three models of cameras

Time-lapse Photography – Shooting 4K and Beyond

Remember the time back in the late 2008 when the Canon 5D mark II was announced. It was a fantastic stills camera widely adopted by professional photographers all over the world. However, soon enough, many filmmakers  were stunned by its great capabilities of capturing gorgeous HD images in video

Podcast 001 – Introduction to 4KShooters.net

Podcast 001 – Introduction to 4KShooters.net Posted by  Ogy Stoilov June 15, 2014 In the 1st episode of the 4KS Podcast, Ogy Stoilov from 4KShooters.net talks about what to expect from 4KShooters.net and future podcasts, he discusses the new 4K Panasonic GH4, the Sony A7s, Sony and the World

Blackmagic Production 4K Camera Review and Tests

Blackmagic Design slashed the price on their 4K Production Camera (commonly abbreviated as BMPC 4K) just five months after it was released. Even though it is shipping at a reduced price, it hasn’t been flying off the shelves as BMD expected, and finding the camera in stock at different resellers

4K Acquisition And Workflow in XAVC by Sony

  Sony have been at the forefront of 4K acquisition with the release of their flagship digital cinema camera the F65 and their siblings – the PMW-F5 and the  PMW-F55. The trio forms Sony’s high-end digital 4K/2K acquisition for cinema and high-end TV productions and commercials. In

4K Has Arrived! And, it is Here to Stay.

4K. What is it? Well, to some it is just another marketing buzzword, but we believe it is way more than just that.4K is a lot more than just 4 x the resolution of your DSLR, 4K gives us infinite possibilities, when it comes to storytelling. From