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Dress your Canon C200 and ALEXA MINI in Bright Tangerine Gear!

Bright Tangerine are well-known for high-quality accessories made for professionals working in the Film/TV/Commercials industry. I see often Alexa Mini /Amira/RED Epic owner ops with deep pockets often prance about with their orange follow focuses and matte boxes tailored for the rigours of modern video productions by

Podcast 039: BVE 2015 Highlights

Podcast 039: BVE 2015 Highlights Posted by Ogy Stoilov March 9, 2015 Episode 39 of the 4K Shooters Podcast is a BVE 2015 Highlights Special – featuring musings on the new Alexa Mini, Panasonic Varicam 35, AJA Cion, new Handheld Gimbals & LED Lights Claim your copy