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Five Creative In-Camera Transitions to Enhance Your Edits

There are many creative techniques that can help you in your endeavor to enhance the visual aesthetics of your videos one of which undoubtedly being in-camera transitions. What’s great about this filmmaking technique is that you can pull it off quickly and easily anywhere in the field

Seven Essential Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

Those of you predominantly working with Final Cut Pro X know well how powerful and efficient the software could be even when running on an entry-level Mac. Unfortunately, the platform lacks many of the advanced features and assets that other professional NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro CC and

Filming High-Quality YouTube Videos on a $100 Budget

Producing high-quality video content these days while working on a shoestring budget could be more feasible than you think. If you are considering the opportunity to start your own YouTube channel but you don’t have enough money to pull the trigger and invest in expensive professional gear

Creating an Epic Sky Transition in Premiere Pro CC

Gone are the days when Premiere Pro was just a basic video editor with a bunch of pre-made effects and transitions, and some simple color grading tools on top. Today it’s not only one of the most powerful NLEs in the world that boasts some impressive color

Five Must-Know, Time-Saving Filmmaking Tips and Tricks

There are so many obstacles that indie filmmakers working on a shoestring budget need to tackle on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, most of these situations tend to stimulate our creative thinking and help us find straightforward and efficient workarounds that can significantly ease things out thus enhancing

Tips and Tricks on Flying a Drone in Cold Weather

Flying a drone in icy-cold weather could be much more challenging and riskier than it may initially seem. Taking off in weather conditions below the freezing point means significantly reduced flight times, shorter battery life, sudden and unforeseen connection losses and many other detrimental effects. Not to

5 Creative Techniques to Light a Scene with Mirrors

Have you ever wondered whether you could utilize a mirror to light your scenes on set? Actually, it could be your best ally on a variety of outdoor situations, especially when you’re working on a shoestring budget. Not only that, but you can also build multiple lighting setups and take