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Toshiba IK-4K UltraHD – A New 3-Chip 4K Mini Camera

Sometimes going big isn’t the point. As technology moves on, we see incredibly innovative designs of cameras, computers, and mobile phones. While their latest generation iPhones may be getting bigger (and thinner) they do produce stunning images, and Apple are going further by putting fast computers into thin 5K

Rig Your iPhone 6 with This DIY Rig or Beastgrip It!

Just after a week ago we covered the DSLRPros 3-axis Smartphone Stabilizer, and today we have another relatively cheap DIY solution for your smartphone or GoPro camera. You can use this rig not only for the new iPhone 6 but also for some bigger in size models

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 240fps Slow Motion Video Examples

In 2014 shooting a short or a feature film on an iPhone or any other smart device fitting in a pocket could be hardly surprising for any of us. There are plenty of examples already where iPhones were used as a primarily shooting device on professional commercial