Upcoming BeastGrip Pro Lets You Use SLR Lenses With Your Smartphone

Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and with camera sensors capable of producing lovely images, which is attributed to the “iphoneography” snappers quickly displacing point and shoot camera and even traditional cameras for taking stills photographs. Instagram and other social media platforms for sharing images have grown into popularity thanks to the creative options offered by smartphones.

Beastgrip, who completed a successful round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter back in 2013 are taking their already robust and adjustable “rig” for smart phones up a notch to a new level with the Beast Grip Pro.


The purpose of Beastgrip was to give smartphone shooters an ergonomic and modular system where one could add lenses, a flash, and even an external microphone and turn such a smarphone device into a better video & still machine. In the past we’ve covered some DIY options for rigging your iPhone 6 for example or GoPro, but BeastGrip just takes things to a new level.

Check out the BeastGrip Pro Prototype Hands-On video from SlashGear below for more details on the new version:

The new thing about Beastgrip Pro, or the few cool things I like about it, is the fact that is adjustable to allow for different phones to be used. Just like in the video, I currently is a OnePlus One (which shoots 4K DCI believe it or not), and should I change to a different phone, I should be able to fit it in the BeastGrip Pro.
¼ inch mounts for tripods and cold-shoe accessories are also useful as they’d allow for small LED lights and microphones to be mounted. The Beastgrip Pro is getting a more polished redesign, ditching the original’s 3D printed desing for a more robust machined one.

One can still add lenses be added such as on the original, but this time with a custom machined lens mount and the whole body will be re-designed with heavy duty durable materials. Depth-of-Field adapters are also to come out for the new BeastGrip Pro to allow for SLR lenses use, which has been an often requested feature during the crowdfunding campaign of the original. The detachable lens mount assembly is a nice feature as it would make lens changes and phone swaps easier.
BeastGrip found Vadim Chalenko also mentioned they are working on an app called BeastCam to allow for more user control. At the moment it is only for iOS devices, but chances are Windows and Android versions may be coming out in the future.

[via Slash Gear]

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