Facebook is Planning to Share Add Revenue With Video Creators

Finally, the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook is going to offer a revenue sharing model to all video creators, thus becoming a direct competitor of the largest global major video-sharing platform YouTube. The company is launching a Suggested Videos feed that curates a sequence of clips which will feature paid ads. This is a great news for people who already have a successful YouTube Channel. Such will be able to acquire another monetization stream and get paid for their work on the biggest social media platform as well.

Yet, the business model of Facebook will be a little bit different compared to the one YouTube already provides. While YouTube gives content creators more than a half of the revenue from ads displayed before their videos, Facebook will split the creators share of 55% between several users. This is still a bargain for all video creators who want to expose their work in front of a bigger audience and get paid for their work.

Many filmmakers already have a serious social following so this is another great opportunity for them to earn some extra cash from their productions.

According to the information in the above video, Facebook wants more premium video content as the platform is seeing a tremendous growth in viewership over the past several months. The views have gone from one billion to the whopping four billion on a daily basis for the past months which is a serious number and tremendous growth, indeed.

The model through which Facebook is going to deliver these videos is also a little bit different  from what YouTube currently offers to its users. Now you can easily spend a reasonable amount of time in searching on YouTube, whereas Facebook is going to post the video premium content directly to users’ news feed based on their interests and the similar videos they already liked or watched. Currently, Facebook is working with a group of media companies and chosen individuals to test the new functionality.


One of the main concerns of video creators is the fact that searching for a certain video currently is not as seamlessly and flawlessly supported as the search  experience YouTube algorithms provide, however, the revenue split is still a serious enticing factor.

Plus, offering a cash incentive could encourage more publishers to upload their content on the social platform. The fact that in December last year Facebook surpassed YouTube in views for the first time is a serious achievement, so I’m sure many filmmakers will give at least a try when the new feature becomes available to the masses.


Meanwhile, if you’d like to attract more attention to your Facebook videos it’s good to keep the following notes in mind. As the FB videos play automatically without any sound, its recommended to add to your story some on-screen text that explains what viewers are seeing when possible.

It’s also important to note that you need to find out how different apps crop thumbnail images and where they place play buttons and icons. Designing text and images that fit is a must, even though this workflow can be a real headache. At last but not least, make sure that you follow all the FB technical requirements for encoding video, thus, you will be able to show your work in the highest quality possible to your FB followers.

I’m really curious to find out what do you guys really thing about the new FB business revenue sharing model. Feel free to share your considerations on the topic in the comments below.

[via: BBC]

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