The ThunderRunner Flying-V Gimbal Commander Is a DIY 3-Axis Support System for Your DJI Ronin

This is the most awesome thing I had seen in quite a while. Below you can find details on how to build your own DIY gimbal support system, as we all know the DJI Ronin and similar 3-axis handheld gimbals can cause quite the strain on your arms. The coolest thing is that this project is not initiated by a for-profit company, but by a up-and-coming rock band – and if there is one thing that I am extremely passionate about other than filmmaking – it’s music. Especially hard rock music in all its colourful flavours.

The band Thunders of Wrath (who turned to filmmaking to spread the word about their music) just announced their DIY gimbal support system – the ThunderRunner Flying-V is shipping and you can have one build by these guys for just $300 USD. Not only that, but if you feel adventurous and want to put in the hard work – they will send you the parts list if you ask them nicely, and for about only $120 USD and some change you can build your own.


In addition, the makes of the ThunderRunner Flying-V Gimbal Commander are officially licensed and supported by Atlas Camera Support, makes of the popular gimbal support system for the DJI Ronin and other similar gimbals, for a limited run of only 100 units. It’s all for a good cause, and quite frankly, this was the right thing to do by Atlas, as apparently they own a patent over such contraptions, and could have easily stopped the Thunders of Wrath from making the Flying-V Commander (please see the video below until the end for further details on this).

thunder runner

Check out their pitch video below and read their fascinating story below.

The Flying-V Gimbal Commander looks like a very sturdy system and at that price, it’s just a no-brainer. For those of  you who have used any 3-axis handheld gimbal be it a Ronin or a Movi M5 or M10, or any of the others, you know how tiresome those things get after just a few takes.



Hi! We’re Thunders of Wrath, independent musicians and film-makers with a passion for all things sound and vision. We’ve developed the ThunderRunner as a DIY project and want to share it with the community at no cost, and if you wish, will assemble your parts for you as a service.

The total cost on parts is $122.40, and we’re asking $300 total to gather the parts and assemble your unit for you. (plus shipping). We’re going to use every cent of that extra money ($170 or so) we earn for assembling your parts to help us launch our debut album, so we’re hoping to help build enough of these for our no-budget film brothers and sisters as a way to both give something back for everything you’ve taught us… and raise a little cash at the same time.

If you’re really broke, like us, we’re happy show you how to build one all by yourself and not charge you a dime.But we’re hoping that you’ll see it’s worth it to have us assemble yours for you. You’re really helping us by having us put yours together for you and we think you’ll find this is a really great build.

Many folks shared their DIY designs and we went through many iterations of our own to develop the ThunderRunner, it was very important that it be:


We did it. This thing rocks.


We went from struggling to use our 3-axis Gimbal because we would just get too tired to being able to shoot all dayand shoot however we like. Your ThunderRunner Flying-V Gimbal Commander allows for a very wide range of shots without wearing you out, shoot low, shoot high, shoot fast, shoot long. There’s some amazing designs out there and if you have big cash we definitely recommend checking them out. You can show up on the set looking like an exo-space-turbo-robot, and we think that’s FANTASTIC. If we had $5k-$10k to spare, we would do it too.  However, if you’re like us, and need something really great but have to make EVERY SINGLE CENT count, please consider building a ThunderRunner, or better yet, let us assemble it for you. You’ll be getting a great build and helping out independent artists realize their dream.

Now, you might be thinking… do I really want to have a ROCK BAND build this?

Yes, yes you do. We’re extremely dedicated. We have actual mechanical engineering and electrical engineering backgrounds. We worked REALLY HARD to to find common materials and suppliers who already made the parts to the right specifications. We did it! Extremely comfortable! Super-ergonomic! Totally unrestricted! Heavy Duty!

First class build, first-class materials.

The straps we found feature classy red and black anodized hardware. The backpack we suggest is overbuilt to withstand massive abuse in the field.  The unit packs down neatly, with no holes in the backpack. It works with almost every gimbal out there. It DOES NOT place the weight onto your shoulders or back, but fulcrums laterally to your hips. The fiberglass poles NEVER HIT YOUR HEAD, or clip your ears, or even touch your back, no matter how high or low or much you move… and arevirtually unbreakable. The pack can even carry extras like cables or mics or sandwiches… and has side straps for your gimbal stand or tripod. Extra wide shoulder straps. Inverted fulcrum geometry for near-zero fatigue. But most important, it allows you to really choose how you want to shoot your project… AND HAVE FUN DOING IT. Remember FUN? Yeah.

It’s awesome. It’s inexpensive to make. It’s not just a great build for you, but if you let us help you build it, you’re helping pave a path for us as artists.

We will never forget you.

The ThunderRunner Flying-V Gimbal Commander is a Do-It-Yourself gimbal support system for independent and low-budget film makers.

So what are you waiting for? If you own or DJI Ronin or similar stabiliser, head over to Thurders of Wrath’s website to claim your own ThunderRunner Flying-V have these guys build it for you (for only $300, by comparison the Atlas versions costs twice as much and even more, albeit they do offer advantages over the DIY solutions here) and help them raise enough funds and record their album in the process.

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