Now with Real-Time Collaboration with Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video review and collaboration platform and now it is available as a free extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC that brings real-time collaboration into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Working on a single project with multiple-editors and/or collaborators can be often quite a challenge from a logistical point of view. Hard drives get swapped in person or worse, via snail mail, things get scribbled on napkins – the truly old-school way of doing things can be quite burdensome. Thankfully we now have collaborative tools such as Movidiam, which are quite awesome (we’ve covered them before here) and also who now integrate beautifully with Premiere Pro CC, which of course is a very popular editing/grading and overall creative platform for filmmakers. Premiere Pro CC Features

  • A shared cloud bin that multiple editors can work from
  • One click import and export of sequences, project files, and entire bins.
  • Real-time comments directly in your Premiere timeline with no marker syncing
  • Auto versioning for rapid iteration on creative ideas
  • Comment marker syncing for when you do not have an internet connection
  • Sync’d playback in and your Premiere timeline


“As professional editors ourselves, we designed the panel with very real insight. These are the tools we’ve dreamed of having access to so we can spend less time managing our edits and more time being creative,” says CEO, Emery Wells. “With for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, we’re laying the foundation for truly transformative workflows. It’s the next generation of collaboration for professional editors and we’re only just getting started.”

“Adobe video tools offer a robust platform for modern, connected workflows and are shaking up the industry – from Hollywood to YouTube,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations, Adobe Pro Video. “The panel is a beautiful and smart way to bring collaboration into your Adobe Creative Cloud workflows.”

The panel, which has now been redesigned to fully blend with Adobe’s panel architecture, has been in development 8 months and it’s the biggest product update the company has made since launching in April of 2015.

The company’s mission is to radically transform the way video get’s made and build real tools that solve real problems media professionals like you face everyday.

Task-List offers a shared media pool experience that multiple editors can connect to and exchange media. Forward-thinking functionality such as the ability to discard rendered media once it’s been uploaded to save hard drive space is pretty neat.

One of the major features here is real-time commenting, which is synced to the timeline automatically, which means that all collaborators are on the same page and everyone on the team get’s notified as soon as media is uploaded and can immediately start leaving comments.

And don’t worry – if you are using this with clients – they don’t have to have any knowledge of Premiere or have any editing experience thanks to the innovative and simple web application that provides. also points out that this is just the first step with more exciting new updates to come in the future.

We’ll keep you updated as to when this happens. Exciting stuff, not just for editors, but all content creators and producers alike.

You can download for Premiere CC for free here.

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