A $40 DIY External Battery Setup for Your Sony Alpha Series Camera

We probably have talked at least gazillion times about the atrocious battery life of the Sony Alpha Series cameras, especially when shooting in 4K.

Fortunately, there are multiple alternative power solutions out there that can make your camera last longer on set, some of which we have covered here and here. Recently, Max Yuryev came up with another dirt cheap DIY battery solution that will set you back around $40.

Moreover, this battery setup will power your camera for up to 7 hours on one battery, something that can be extremely convenient on long shooting days as it eliminates the tedious necessity to swap the genuine batteries of the Sony Alpha Series cameras hour after hour.

All in all, this DIY battery solution not only gives you much more power for your camera, but it’s quite versatile when it comes to mounting options. For instance, you can through the combo on the top of your camera as shown in the video above, or you can mount it either on your tripod, camera cage or even put it in your pocket.

This particular setup will work with any Sony NP-F style battery. As we all know, these units are quite affordable and versatile. It’s the same battery that comes with tons of accessories such as Sony camcorders, multiple LED panels, different external recorders, etc. You can find one for less than $30 on Amazon or Ebay. If you already own any of those batteries this setup should cost you even less.

The setup itself includes the battery plate along with the Dummy Battery that you plug in into your Sony mirrorless camera. If you decided to mount the battery combo on the top of your camera, you can either wrap up the cable underneath or just shorten it. The best part is that the actual mount comes with multiple mounting solutions. For instance, there is a little bracket, a velcro strap as well as a bunch of different mounting points.

Ultimately, with this type of a battery setup, you will not only have longer recording times and spend less money on battery units, but you will also solve some of the heating issues of your Sony mirrorless camera. By using an external battery unit you can actually reduce the heat generated by the genuine battery inside the camera, thus eliminating some of the overheating factors causing your camera to accidently power off .

As Max Yuryev highlights, this DIY battery kit is an very inexpensive way to reduce the heat of your camera and also give you considerably longer recording times along with flexible mounting options at a fraction of the cost. You can find all the items that you’ll need for this combo in the links below.

[source: Max Yuryev]

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Battery Plate for Sony F970 F550 w/ Dc Cable

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Maximal Power NP-F950/F970 Replacement Battery for Sony Digital Camera Camcorder 

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