This is How You Create a 3D Text in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and Fusion 8

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and Fusion 8 are very powerful applications on their own, but when you add the seamless integration between them, you get a complete, full-fledged and extremely efficient post-production suite providing limitless creative possibilities when it comes to editing, color grading, compositing, complex VFX work and everything in-between.

Of course, there is a certain learning curve involved in this workflow, so if you already use DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and want to take your productivity to the next level by exploring the Fusion 8 capabilities, the following tutorial produced by Alex Jordan will walk you through the process of creating a simple 3D Text in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and Fusion 8.

If you want to access Fusion 8 interface while working in Resolve, you simply need to right-click on any of the clips placed on the Resolve’s timeline and choose New Fusion Connect Clip. Once you select this option, enter an appropriate name for the Fusion project you’re about to create and choose both the wrapper and the codec that you want to work with. It’s also recommended to enable the Open Fusion Connect Clip in the dialog box in case you want to launch Fusion automatically once the clip you’ve chosen is rendered in the format you’ve selected.

In Fusion 8 you should see your already rendered clip in both monitors along with two nodes below. The node on the right side is responsible for the connection to the DaVinci Resolve 12.5 so drag it further to the right side of your screen and leave it there for the moment. After that, access the Fusion Library, go to the 3D section, scroll down and find the 3D Text icon. Once you do, simply drag it to the Viewer located on the right side of your screen. Enter the text and do other text modifications by using the Properties panel on the right.

In order to merge the two Nodes you first need to convert the 3D Text Node into a 2D object. To do so, hit Shift and Space to access the Effects Library and look for Render 3D. Drag the latter to the Node editor, connect it to the 3D Text first and then drop it into the right viewer of Fusion 8. Now, you’ll need a Merge Node if you want to mix both the clip and the 3D text Node in a single composition.

Again, hit Shift and Space and find the Merge Node. Drag it into the Node editor and simply connect your clip Node and 2D Text Node to it by pressing and holding the right button of your mouse and then choosing which of your objects should be assigned to the foreground and background of your final composition.

Next, if you want to see the final composition, you should drop your Merge Node into the left Viewer in Fusion. In case you want to animate the just created 3D text, you should drag the 3D Text node to the right viewer and set the keyframes accordingly as shown in the video above.

Once you are ready to send your final composition to Resolve 12.5, simply connect the Merge Node to the Fusion Clip Node you’ve moved to the right of your screen in the beginning. Save and Render your Fusion project. Now go back to DaVinci Resolve 12.5. You should see your newly created Fusion clip on your timeline. If it doesn’t appear for some reason, right-click on it, go to Fusion Connect and hit Refresh.

Even though this Node based workflow in Fusion might be a bit intimidating at the beginning, it’s very effective and straightforward once you get used to it. So, give it a chance, take your time and play around for a while. Start with a simple idea and then build on from there.

Meanwhile, if you want to dip your toes deeper into compositing and 3D animations in Fusion 8, take a look at the Fusion 101 – Simplified Course by Alex Jordan that covers all the basics you will need to start off.

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