New Sony FS7 Primers Equinox Edition Eliminate the Dreaded “Sony Look”

The Sony FS7 has been probably the most popular 4K professional camera used in broadcast and corporate films in the past two years – and rightfully so; it produces lovely images with its large Super35 sensor capable of astonishing dynamic range coupled with a very robust 10bit codec and a form factor that lends itself to quick-style shooting from the shoulder. However, many FS7 users, especially those who are renting the camera for the first time or new, first time buyers often struggle with getting solid images out of the camera.

The Sony FS7 is a subtle beast – one that possesses a highly customizable Custom mode enabling users to dial in a suitable in-camera look or alternatively a more cinematic/flat/ready for post image from its CineEI mode.

Either way, one has to spend some time with the camera to get the setting right. Spending time with a camera however is not a luxury that many have nowadays, as productions are often rushed and camera operators have to scramble to get the image right.

This is where new FS7 Primes – the Equinox Edition can be quite helpful. You may recall we covered the Sony A7s Primers from Omeneo some time ago here, and now they’ve created new 3D LUTs for both in-camera preview and post-production specifically tailored towards the colour science of the Sony FS7.

Primers Equinox Edition are specifically designed for professional cameras and 10bit+ log workflow. The Sony FS7 Primers are designed specifically for this sensor, S-Log3 gamma and S-Gamut3.Cine colour space as a shooting basis.

Benefits of the Sony FS7 Primers

  • Increased colour performance > accuracy, separation, harmony, consistency
  • More natural image aesthetics
  • More practical shooting, ability to choose optimised profiles for the scene (standard Primers for 8 bit cameras)
  • More informative on-set monitoring, ability to perceive the outcome after primary colour correction
  • Reduced unpleasant surprises in post production
  • Speeding up post-production
  • Reduced deterioration of footage with lower colour sampling
  • Maximum utilisation of sensor DR (Primers EQX for 10 bit+ cameras)
  • Eliminate the “Sony video look”

Sony FS7 Primers EQX package contains:

  • 4 x 64x64x64 S-Log3/S-Gamut3.Cine > rec.709 LUT files for post production
  • 4 x 33x33x33 S-Log3/S-Gamut3.Cine > rec.709 LUT files for camera preview
  • Primers info document

The FS7 Primers package is priced at $55 and can be purchased directly from Omeneo.

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