Dark CPL & X4 GND New Tempered Glass ND Filter

Just days ago, California based filter maker Breakthrough Photography unveiled a new line of Pola and ND filters which includes the X4 GND, the world’s first tempered glass graduated neutral density filter, which is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. If there is one thing about filters that terrifies me – it’s their fragility. Filters – especially NDs and polarizers are pretty damn important not just in the world of photography, but of course as we all know in the world of video. Especially when using cameras that do not have the luxury of built-in ND filters just like my current one – the Panasonic GH5.

Of course, filters serve a far more creative more creative purpose, than just getting the correct exposure, protecting the clouds and sky, and/or making them “pop”, which this post isn’t about this.

The new line of filters from Breakthrough Photography consists of six new filters: Dark CPL, X4 GND (100mm & 150mm), X4 ND Square (100mm & 150mm), a X2 Infrared filter, a X2 Variable ND filter and X100 Holder.

Breakthrough Photography claims the X4 GND and X4 ND² Square filters to be the world’s first tempered glass GND and square ND filters, which kind of solves the “fragile” part of the equation.

“With the professional outdoor photographer in mind, we’re excited to introduce the world’s first tempered glass GND and square ND filter system, available in both 100mm and 150mm formats. We also guarantee these filters to be the world’s sharpest and most color neutral GND and square ND filters.” said founder and photographer Graham Clark.

“Stacking ND and CPL filters is a common scenario for outdoor photographers. But the primary drawback of doing this is vignetting at 16mm on a full-frame setup. By combining our X4 ND and X4 CPL into one filter – which we call a Dark CPL – we’ve eliminated vignetting down to 16mm on a full-frame setup.”

The Dark CPL is compatible with the following camera and lens systems: Leica, Carl Zeiss lenses, Schneider Xenon, Canon Cinema and L lenses, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and others.

The Dark CPL will be available in the following filter thread sizes: 46, 49, 52, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77mm, 82, 86, 95 and 105mm

Image by Breakthrough Photography Kickstarter

Each X4 GND features state-of-the-art MRC16 and nanotec nano coating technology on both sides of the optical surface, which allows the filter to easily repel dirt, water and other elements. Manufactured with tempered SCHOTT B270 optical glass, the X4 GND is incredibly resistant to scratching, breaking, warping and other issues common on traditional resin GND filters.

X4 GND Features

  • Size: 100 x 150mm
  • For other sizes contact BPH
  • MRC16 + Nanotec Coatings
  • SCHOTT B270® Tempered
  • 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee
  • 300 Day Returns

X4 ND Square in 100mm & 150mm formats

Breakthrough Photography is also introducing a new neutral density filter in 100mm and 150mm square formats, called the X4 ND Square.

“Since the introduction of the X4 ND, photographers have continually asked us if we could make it available in 100mm and 150mm square formats.” said Clark. “We’re excited to announce the X4 ND Square, which shares the same technology as our X4 ND circular filters, making the X4 ND Square the world’s sharpest and most color neutral square ND filter. And like the X4 GND, they’re also tempered.”


Breakthrough Photography is also releasing a new universal 100mm filter holder, called the X100 Holder, which they claim eliminates vignetting down to 16mm on a full-frame setup, and it features an innovative snap-lock mechanism for securely connecting 100mm holders to the camera lens.

The X100 Holder Features:

  • No vignetting down to 16mm on a full-frame setup
  • Innovative Snap-Lock mechanism makes attaching holder quick and secure
  • One handed operation for attaching and detaching
  • Traction on exterior of holder makes it easier to grip
  • CNC machined with aircraft grade aluminium provides smooth rotation
  • Only $49 for X100 Holder, $7 for each adapter ring

Each X100 Holder is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and features two levels installed, and includes a third level which can be easily installed by the photographer. The front of the X100 Holder also has traction, similar to the traction frame on Breakthrough’s X4 ND filter.

The new filter lineup is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and is estimated to ship in July/August 2017.

  • Dark CPL Early Bird – $129

The X4 GND will be available in the 100 x 150mm and 150 x 170mm formats in the following densities:

  • X4 GND 2-stop Soft & Hard: $179 each
  • X4 GND 3-stop Soft & Hard: $189 each
  • X4 GND 3-stop Soft & Hard Reverse: $199 each

X4 GND in 150 x 170mm:

  • X4 GND 2-stop Soft & Hard: $239 each
  • X4 GND 3-stop Soft & Hard: $249 each
  • X4 GND 3-stop Soft & Hard Reverse: $259 each

X4 ND 100mm:

  • X4 ND Square 100mm 1, 2, 3-stop:  $179
  • X4 ND Square 100mm 4, 5, 6-stop:  $189
  • X4 ND Square 100mm 7, 8, 9, 10-stop:  $199
  • X4 ND Square 100mm 15-stop: $229

X4 ND in 150mm square:

  • X4 ND 150mm 1, 2, 3-stop: $239 each
  • X4 ND 150mm 4, 5, 6-stop: $249 each
  • X4 ND 150mm 7, 8, 9, 10-stop: $259
  • X4 ND 150mm 15-stop: $279

Head over to their Kickstarter campaign to get yours and learn more.

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