Luminoodle Task: Ultra-Thin, Flexible LED Lighting

The advancements in LED lighting, not just in terms of light quality, but also in terms of design, have out-shined basically any other form of lighting for video. With every new generation of LED technology, new companies are re-inventing the way we think about lighting with compact, flexible and powerful LED units. Whether you are a high-end DP lighting big budget commercials and/or movies, a broadcast/ENG cameraman, or an event shooter, at this point LED lighting constitutes a large chunk of your lighting kit.

Unlike the standard lighting fixtures of the olden days, which generally come in a standardized form-factor (which can grow in size) and are associated with large amounts of heat, weight and power requirements, despite offering high quality light, the latest generation LED lights come in all shapes and sizes. You may recall, recently I posted about the “lightsabre”-like Voyager RGB LED lights from Digital Sputnik. I am huge fan of these lights, and ordered a few, and while I am waiting to take delivery, I came across another really interesting LED light called the Luminoodle Task.

With less than two weeks until the end of their Kickstarter campaign, Luminoodle Task makers Power Practical, have already received more than $145,000 in pledges, which is nearly three times their goal.

Luminoodle Task LED

What is it? 

The Luminoodle Task is basically an ultra-thin, bendable, 3,600-lumen work light that wraps, magnets, and snakes where you need it most. It is worth to note that despite it not being designed as a “LED for film/tv/video/etc.” perse, the Luminoodle Task has the potential to be quite useful in the video world.

Check out their pitch video below to learn more.

Rated at around 5000K, the Luminoodle Task seems like a really useful option for an extra portable and flexible LED light that you can use to boost up the ambience in a small room, or just to stick somewhere in a scene as a practical. Very often, when you have to shoot in cars or other cramped environments, small and compact LED’s like the Luminoodle Task can be lifesavers. The Task has utility loops at both ends to facilitate easy placement in overhead situations for example, and is also IP-67 weatherproof making it perfect for outdoor shoots.

If nothing else, they will make for amazing refrigerator lights for those pesky shots where your subject opens the fridge door and the inadequate and often very yellow fridge light destroys your scene.

The Luminoodle Task uses an 80/20 blend of 6500 Kelvin (cool) and 2700 Kelvin (warm) 2835 LED light packets to simulate the full spectrum of the sun, resulting in truer colour rendering and better feeling light. There is also a smaller 2 ft. TASK USB version, which can’t be linked and offers a lower output max output of about 1000 lumens, but can be powered from a 5V source via USB solving your portability issues.

The regular 5 foot Luminoodle Task requires 12v power, and the Task LINK variant, which comes in 2 ft. versions can use up to 3 x Task LINKs tethered to form a longer 6 ft light.

Deliveries are estimated for the Spring 2018, but there are still some really cool early bird offers available such as the Luminoodle Task USB, which you can get for $44, Luminoodle Task at $119, and the Task LINK at an early bird price of $169. To learn more about the Luminoodle Task and to claim yours, head over to their Kickstarter campaign.

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