RODECaster Pro Firmware 1.2.0 Adds Multitrack Recording to SD Card

RODE Microphones made quite the splash in the podcasting community just a few months ago with the launch of their RODECaster Pro – an all-in-one podcasting production studio, solving many of the communities problems by integrating vital components of the traditional podcasting setup into a neat package.

Today, Australia most famous audio powerhouse announced the next major firmware update to the RODECaster Pro, the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio.

Following on from the  previous firmware update 1.1.0 back in February which introduced the hugely popular and user-requested Multitrack recording via USB, the new firmware update 1.2.0 expands the RODECaster Pro’s multitrack capabilities, enabling multitrack recording direct to microSD, and other useful upgrades.

RODECaster Pro RODE Microphones firmware 1.2.0

RODECaster Pro / Images by RODE Microphones

RODECaster Pro Firmware 1.2.0 Details:

  • Multitrack recording to the on-board microSD card:
    • polyWAV file format, stereo live mix + individual sources
  • Updated RODECaster Pro app:
    • offering more user-friendly file handling
  • The option to pause during a recording
  • Updated colour-coding on the record button:
    • green – armed, red – recording, amber – paused.

Multitrack to SD Card
Allows users to record 14 tracks to the on-board microSD card. These tracks are the same as if you were recording multitrack via USB to a DAW:

  • A stereo ‘live mix’ track
  • A mono track for each of the 4 microphone inputs
  • Stereo tracks for the USB, 3.5mm TRRS, Bluetooth and sound-effects-pad channels.

Pause Function
Pause a recording at any time by pressing and holding the record button for two seconds. Tapping the button will resume the recording, while pressing and holding again will end the recording.

For more details on all the new features and the hands-on functionality of firmware update 1.2.0 head over to the RODE blog here.

Download firmware update 1.2.0 here.

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