Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme and Web Presenter HD Introduced

Besides the brand new Pocket 6K Pro camera, Blackmagic Design has also announced a new enhanced ATEM Mini Extreme. This new model features 8 inputs, 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers, a total of 6 independent DVEs, 2 media players, 2 downstream keyers, 16 way multiview, 2 USB connections and multiple HDMI aux outputs.

There is also a new ATEM Mini Extreme ISO version which includes the same features plus a more powerful recording engine that can record all 8 inputs plus the program for a total of 9 streams of recording. Both new models include a broadcast-quality streaming engine for live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

With the ATEM Mini switchers, users can create professional multi-camera productions for live streaming to YouTube and live presentations using Skype or Zoom. The ATEM Mini Extreme allows customers to switch up to 8 high-quality video camera inputs or connect a computer for PowerPoint slides or gaming consoles. The built in DVE allows exciting picture in picture effects, perfect for commentary.

All ATEM Mini models have USB that works like a webcam so customers can use any streaming software while the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme models add live streaming and recording to USB disks. There’s also HDMI out for projectors. Microphone inputs allow high-quality desktop and lapel mics for interviews and presentations.

ATEM Mini’s compact all-in-one design includes both a control panel as well as connections. The front panel features easy-to-use buttons for selecting sources, video effects and transitions. The source buttons are large so it’s possible to use it by feel, letting the presenter do the switching.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

On the rear panel there are HDMI connections for cameras or computers, extra microphone inputs, USB for webcam out plus an HDMI “aux” output for program video.

ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme models have a built-in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via their ethernet connections. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with simpler settings. Just select the streaming service and enter the streaming key.

Additionally, there are palettes in ATEM Software Control for streaming setup, plus streaming status is also displayed in the multiview. Streaming status is easy to understand as the data rate indicator shows the internet speed required for the video format users are using.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

You can even edit and color grade your live event capture with ATEM Mini Extreme directly in Resolve using the generated video files which include metadata tags such as synced timecode and camera numbers. Even the audio sources are all recorded so you can professionally mix and master your audio.

Other noteworthy features include 4 upstream chroma keyers, internal media for 20 RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos, 2 independent DVEs plus SuperSource with 4 extra DVEs, 16 way multiview for monitoring all cameras and much more.

ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO Highlights

  • Features miniaturized control panel based design.
  • Supports connecting up to 8 cameras or computers.
  • Supports streaming via Ethernet or tethered phones via USB.
  • Tethers to 5G or 4G phones for mobile remote streaming.
  • Records to USB flash disks in H.264.
  • Two stereo audio inputs for connecting desktop or lapel microphones.
  • Automatically standards converts and re-syncs all HDMI inputs.
  • Includes free ATEM Software Control for Mac and Windows.
  • Internal media for 20 RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos.
  • 4 upstream ATEM Advanced Chroma keyers for green/blue screen work.
  • 2 independent DVEs plus SuperSource with 4 extra DVEs.
  • 16 way multiview for monitoring all cameras, recording and streaming status.
  • Price: $995/$1295

The brand new Blackmagic Web Presenter HD, on the other hand, is a self contained streaming solution that includes a broadcast-quality H.264 processor for direct streaming to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

The device has a compact design that includes a 12G-SDI input with down converter allowing you to connect to HD or Ultra HD equipment and stream in full 1080p video. It also features a built in front panel with LCD and menus, USB webcam features, plus a unique monitoring output with audio meters, streaming status, and full SDI and embedded audio technical details.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

For further convenience, there are USB connections on both the front and rear panel that can be used for tethering phones. Plus it works with the latest high speed 5G phones, as well as 4G phones.

Blackmagic Web Presenter will auto detect when a phone is connected and switch its internet connection to use it. Users can select Ethernet or phone priority, which makes phone internet backup fully automatic.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

There are also two USB connections that operate as a simple webcam source. That means customers can plug into any computer and work with any video software. The graphics based monitoring output includes a video view, audio meters with accurate ballistics, trend graphs for codec data rates and cache fill, plus a summary of the streaming settings and detailed SDI technical information.

Blackmagic Web Presenter includes a 12G-SDI input with support for all HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. A 12G-SDI loop output is included enabling users to loop video through more than one web presenter, so users can stream to multiple services.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

Furtermore, the Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software provides a single place to manage multiple web presenters and to update the settings and software. The familiar menus and controls make it very easy to set up a live event. Plus the front panel LCD menus have the same settings and controls. The Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software is included free and runs on both Mac and Windows platforms.

While Blackmagic Web Presenter can send video to a wide range of streaming services, it can also be used as a private broadcast SDI video link between studios. The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a video converter that lets customers receive the H.264 stream from Blackmagic Web Presenter and then convert it back to SDI video.

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD Highlights

  • Complete streaming solution for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Supports streaming via Ethernet or tethered phones via USB
  • Built in broadcast quality hardware H.264 encoder
  • Tethers to 5G or 4G phones for mobile remote streaming
  • USB looks like a webcam allowing support for all video software
  • Monitoring output includes meters, trend graphs and SDI technical data
  • Includes Web Presenter Utility software for Mac and Windows
  • 12G-SDI input with down conversion for any HD or Ultra HD source
  • Both AC and DC connections allows redundant power
  • 1/3rd rack width design allows 3 streams in a single rack unit
  • Price: $495

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme, ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, and Web Presenter HD are available now retailing for $995, $1,295 and $495 respectively. To learn more, head over to Blackmagic Design’s website.

[source: Blackmagic Design]

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