Check Out This Minimal FX3 Rig

The Sony FX3 was designed almost specifically to be used without any extra rigging. Great idea and I think they came as close as was possible based on the original design. However, you likely have your own particular set of accessories or tools that they like and in many cases you’ll find a few extra support pieces will help get there.

In many cases you’ll still want to stick to the original idea of the FX3 and keep it as clean as possible. One example of a minimal FX3 rig comes from filmmaker Chris Brockhurst who added on just a few extra bits of kit for his setup.

Brockhurst has designed this minimal rig for handheld, run-and-gun shooting so it is a bit different than other rigs he has built for the FX3. His core is obviously the FX3 and for a lens he has the 50mm f/1.2 GM today. To start, you’ll need the cage, and the SmallRig Half Cage is a nice lightweight option to more easily mount your accessories.

An example of how the cage is nicely set up is that it comes with a NATO rail, which Brockhurst mounts directly to the top of the FX3. It’s another convenient mounting point. Before we get to that,  he moves on to the left side to add a rotating NATO handle. You can adjust height and quickly adjust the angle of the handle. This gives you two comfortable points to hold the FX3.

Image Credit: SmallRig

Picking up a separate tilting monitor mount with NATO mount you can just slide it right onto that top piece we mentioned earlier. You have some positioning options since it slides around, so lock it down where you want. He then adds his monitor and repurposes the rod mount to tuck away his cable.

If you need some audio mounted to your rig you can get a simple cold shoe mount and attach it to the side 1/4”-20 point on the right side of the FX3. This will keep it out of the way and so it won’t be interfering with your other accessories.

That’s all you need for a complete, minimal rig.

Image Credit: SmallRig

A side note from Brockhurst is about a battery charger. The XTAR SN4 Modular Battery Charger. It’s an interesting piece of kit since you can add different modules to charge up different batteries. Or, you can get multiple of the same module to charge up to four NP-FZ100s if you wanted. Plus, it can charge directly from a USB-C connection.

Anything you would add to this kit?

[source: Chris Brockhurst]

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