Moment Designs Magsafe into their New Mobile Camera Cage

Mobile filmmaking was once the domain of budding filmmakers who couldn’t afford a real camera to learn their craft. As the technology matured, suddenly, serious filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh were choosing the iPhone as their main camera to make feature films. 

That was the literal “moment” when a mobile filmmaking company was born. And now, Moment is using Apple’s latest Magsafe technology to make it easier than ever to mount the iPhone into their new Moment Mobile Filmmaker Smartphone Cage for MagSafe.

Image Credit – Moment

Known chiefly for their high-quality lenses for the mobile filmmaking platform, Moment also makes mobile phone cases with custom mounts with which to attach them. They also have a variety of other accessories including filters and now cages in order to make the mobile filmmaking experience more cinematic.

At the heart of the new mobile camera cage is Moment’s (M)Force magnetic attachment disc, which takes advantage of Apple’s MagSafe design for a secure mount that can be affixed, or removed, within a second. Moment says that the magnet offers a connection that is 30% stronger than Apple’s MagSafe design for a super-strong connection.

Image Credit – Moment

To prove the point, in a video featured on YouTube, Moment creator Mark Barros is seen violently shaking the Magsafe Camera Cage with an iPhone 13 Pro attached, and the iPhone remains firmly fixed to the connection for quite some time.

Nevertheless, with just the right lateral force, the phone eventually flew off, however it took a boatload of effort for Barros to get the MagSafe attachment to fail. Proving that just about any mount has its limits.

The Moment MagSafe Camera Cage is built out of machined aluminum and has several 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 attachment points to affix video lights, microphones, a camera handle, and other accessories to improve the image.

The cage is also designed with cable management in the forefront, a nifty cable management system that can keep dangling microphone wires tucked out of the way.

Image Credit – Moment

With so much functionality, it’s surprising that the Moment Magsafe Camera Cage offers such a stylish, yet low profile.

The light and thin exoskeleton is manufactured to store the cage easily into a camera bag without sacrificing the solid construction that keeps a mobile phone protected. The center-mounted Magsafe connection also keeps all buttons freely accessible.

Furthermore, while the cage is designed with the iPhone MagSafe connection in mind, just about any modern smartphone can be mounted to the cage. In addition to the (M)Force Magsafe mount, Moment has included a traditional mobile phone clamp for phones that aren’t designed with a magnetic connection in mind.

The clamp can also buy peace of mind for filmmakers who are uncertain that a magnetic connection will safely fit into their run and gun style. The Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage is available for preorder at $99 thru B&H, or directly from

[source: Moment]

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